Glitterfest is an exciting festival event that takes place in various cities across the UK. This year, Glitterfest has 3 mini-festivals that will be held in London at Between The Bridges on the Southbank, SE1.

Here are seven reasons why you should go to Glitterfest this year:

1. Incredible DJs

Glitterfest is known for its lineup of amazing performers, including some of the hottest DJs in the music industry playing the very best in RNB, Hip Hop, Bashment & Garage.

2. Amazing Performers, Stilt Walkers & Circus Acts

In addition to the incredible DJs, Glitterfest also features stilt walkers, performers and circus acts who roam around the festival grounds. These performers are dressed in elaborate costumes and are sure to add a touch of magic to the festival atmosphere.

3. Confetti Cannons

One of the highlights of Glitterfest is the insane confetti cannons that are set off throughout the night. These cannons shower the festival-goers with colourful confetti, creating a magical atmosphere that you won’t forget.

4. Free Glitter Makeup

If you want to get into the spirit of the festival, you can get free glitter makeup at the event. The Glitterfest has a team of talented makeup artists who will help you transform into a sparkling festival-goer.

5. Fun Atmosphere

Glitterfest is all about having fun, and the festival atmosphere is sure to put you in a great mood. With vibrant colours, glitter, and amazing music performances, you’ll feel like you’re in a different world.

6. Street Food

There’s nothing like enjoying some delicious street food while listening to great music, and that’s exactly what you’ll get at Glitterfest. The festival features a variety of street food stands that offer a range of cuisines, from burgers and fries to vegan options.

7. Mini Festival Events

This year, Glitterfest is holding three mini-festival events at Between The Bridges on the Southbank, London, SE1. Each event runs from 5pm – 11pm on the following dates: Saturday 27th May, Saturday 29th July and Saturday 30th September so you can choose which one to attend or attend all three.

To sum it all up, Glitterfest is a fantastic mini-festival event that offers a unique and memorable experience. With incredible music performances, stilt walkers, confetti cannons, street food, free glitter makeup and a fun atmosphere, there’s something for everyone at Glitterfest.

Tickets start from £20 so get yours now before the price increases from and don’t miss out on the opportunity to attend one of the mini-festival events this year and have a glittery and unforgettable time!