It’s January Happy New Year and if you’re anything like me Christmas was a massive event filled with tons of foods, drinks and good times. But now you’re looking at your waistline and it’s saying I think we may need to lose a couple lbs.

Welcome to the club! I have put together 7 foolproof steps to get you starting to a Happy and Healthier You!

Step 1 Small changes means BIGGER results.

1 small changes step

Before you go on a fab diet and cause yourself mood swings though the month of January. Maybe you could review your current eating habits. For example

If you know you eat too much then swap your plate for a smaller size and only use this plate for your meals.

Keep a journal write everything you eat.

Don’t be scared and try not to cheat, like they say, “What you eat in private shows in public”.

The point is make small changes in your eating habits for long-term results.

Step 2 Drink water

2 water step

Often when meeting clients they complained about not having enough energy, bad skin and bad mood etc. When asked if they drink water often the answer is no. So I have developed some fun techniques to increase your water intake. Such as mocktails inspired water or homemade flavoured water.

I’ll list my 4 favourites. Go on give it a try.

Mojito – 1 litre of still/sparkling water, 1 handful of fresh mint, 2- 3 limes (depends how tangy you want it to be) 1 handful of blueberries and 1-2 tsp. of honey or maple syrup over ice.

Water flavours:

Strawberry and lime = ½ pack of strawberries with 1 juice of an lime, peach and

Pineapple = 1 can of peaches and pineapples or you can buy a pack of both products mix with ice and water

Blueberries and lemon = ½ of blueberries with 1 juice of lemon, mash the blueberries a little to get the flavour and mix with the lemon juice and water

Step 3 Exercises

3 exercise step

Now I know you have heard it before exercise, exercise, and exercise. Let’s make this one different. When you workout think of it like a party, go hard or go home.

Be your own personal Dj with the favourite playlist.  And dance your heart out for 50 minutes. Booty shake for 10 minutes and use your arms for 10 mins, see how many squats you can do for 15 minutes, run around for 10 minutes and jump up for an further 5 minutes.

Make a collage of yourself when you had your desired body print it and bring it with you to the gym. Now place this picture over the timer of the treadmill or in front you when you workout chances are you’ll be working harder if you see the end results you want. This is called visualisation thank me later

P.s ladies when you on the treadmill and you see some sexy eye candy run harder or if your squatting imagine Idris Elba or Tom Hardy is right behind you get low ladies low.

Step 4 Self Care

4 self care step

Although I have list this step as number 4 you need to make this a number 1 priority. Taking the time to look after yourself is key to a happy you, make a lists of thing you like doing or makes you feel relax this lists could include the following:

  • Candle lit baths with facemask
  • Watching your favourite movies
  • Having a massage or spa treatments
  • Workout outdoors or in the gym
  • Listening to your favourite songs.
  • Meditate or try yoga
  • Give it a try.

Step 5 Michelin Me

5 michelin me step

You may often hear some information regarding meal times. Think of your kitchen as a restaurant, with the best ingredients to make any dish fit for a king or queen. You don’t have to be Jamie Oliver to make delicious meals for your household. Just follow these 2 simple steps:

Set the dinner table or if you haven’t got a dinner table place a candle on the tray with your best plates and wine glasses. Make it fancy you deserve it.

B) When serving your food use different plates to get different structure for your food presentation. For example when serving rice, place the rice in a small bowl then flip it out onto another plate. You can place any cooked meat, fish or even vegetables on top and finally drizzle the sauce around the plate. Make it look lush and you’ll feel lush by eating it

Step 6 Try something new

6 try something new step

It’s a New Year try something new! Often when we are taking out of our normal setting or even comfort zone the magic happens. Go on Groupon or Eventbrite and see what new adventures you can have. Make that bucket list come to life!

Set 7 Eating Habits Challenge

7 Change your eating habits step

Change 7 things to do with your eating habits.

Having a goal or target helps you to stay focus, if you want to lose or gain weight this month give yourself realistic targets to achieve. For example “I want to lose 10lbs this month”, ok lets see how you could achieve that number. You can lose 2.5lbs per week by following this formula its all about energy expenditure.

The food you eat vs the energy release. I have attached a diagram to explain in more details.

Make your targets match your activities. Its all about doing things that brings you joy

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