When it comes to fun adverts Cadbury, who have been around since 1824 and more importantly their Diary Milk has been filling the shelves of the UK for the past 110 years, always seem to pull out the best entertainment to get us all smiling, like their chocolate, they always manage to give you an instant burst of joy and satisfaction.

Way to many people take life a little too serious these days, what we all need is to just learn to let our hair down and chill out for a while, not every little thing should be scrutinised.

When was the last time you truly just let yourself go without worrying if you were going to look foolish in someone else’s eyes?

Cadbury’s adverts try to bring the fun and foolishness back into your lives, even if it is only for a small brief moment. They maybe a long established brand with a long history but they constantly update themselves to fit into the modern world we now live in.

With their next little visual pleasure they have got on board Anthony Vincent, who just so happens to run the ‘Ten Second Songs’ YouTube channel which features him singing any song in a number of different styles, to give us a musical interpretation as a description for 7 different Cadbury’s products.

Set to the 1977 original disco song of Yes Sir, I Can Boogie, the Rocker takes us on a little adventure of all the ways you can #FreeTheJoy from the Frank Sinatra style interpretation for Dairy Milk Caramel (The Smooth one), Johnny Cash style for Dairy Milk Wholenut (The classic one) to Deadmau5 for Dairy Milk Dam (The Edgy one), I instantly found myself singing along and Yes Sir, I was Boogieing. I freed my joy around the office, but thankfully I was alone but boy did it feel pretty good. Thanks for the Inspiration Cadbury’s.

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