man wearing grey suit

Are you looking for a way to make your suit seem just a little bit more stylish?

Nothing looks better than a well-fitting suit, but sometimes, even the best cut ensemble needs a few finishing touches to complete the outfit.

If you want to look flash in your formalwear, then check out these seven solutions to a stylish suit and tie.

1. Cufflinks

A nice pair of cufflinks go a long way. Invest in a pair of shiny silver fasteners to add that little flair of sophistication.

If your suit fits you right – that is, if the sleeves aren’t too long – then your cufflinks should be visible.

2. Tie Bar

Just like your cufflinks, a tie bar is a subtle addition that makes a big difference. But if you opt for both, make sure that they aren’t clashing colours.

You should place your tie bar between the third and fourth buttons of your shirt. This way it’s not too high, but it’ll still be visible when you’re suit jacket is buttoned.

Not only is the tie bar a great little finishing touch, but it’s practical too, keeping your tie in place if you want to remove your jacket.

3. Oxfords

Nothing says sophistication like a pair of leather oxfords. These shoes have a long history as the formalwear favourite.

If you’re yet to invest in a pair, then check out Pediwear. This expert shoe retailer stocks a wide variety of handcrafted footwear from some of the world’s most exclusive manufacturers.

Oxford shoes

4. Pocket Square

Want to go bold with your suit? A brightly coloured pocket square is a low effort way to elevate your appearance and adds a touch of vibrancy to what can otherwise be a very monochromatic look.

Silk is generally best, and though it might be tempting to match your tie and pocket square, you’re better off using the item to bring out the colours of your other accessories, or even the lining of your jacket. If you aren’t sure where to start, then try a designer such as John Henric for a wide range of pocket square designs.

5. High-Quality Dress Shirt

Just because there’s less of your shirt on show when it’s tucked away neatly under a suit, doesn’t mean you should be frugal with it. A high-quality dress shirt will keep you from cheapening the look of your suit.

If you aren’t sure what to look for, then we recommend long fibre cotton, it’s softer than the short fibre variety, allowing you to avoid that itchy feeling you can sometimes experience from a cheap shirt.

6. Unbutton Your Jacket

Suits are an investment, and you need to make sure that you look after yours. One of the quickest ways to damage your suit jacket is by not unbuttoning it when you sit down.

Take a second to unfasten the buttons to avoid the risk of them popping off and causing you any unwanted attention!

7. Master the Tie Dimple

Tie dimples are the natural dimple that forms just below the knot of your tie, and mastering it can be an art.

The best way to achieve them is to favour wide ties made of a thicker material as they hold their structure better.

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