You may know Idris Elba from the TV Series Luther and more recently for his amazing portrayal of Nelson Mandela in the film, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom and for his little stint in the Sky adverts.

However, Idris is not only arguable one of the best British Black actors to hail from the UK he is also a very talented DJ and Hip Hop Soul Musician. With all this talent oozing out of every pore (not to mention being well, so damn HOT). We thought it only right to share with you our reasons for following him on Instagram.

His acting skills are well and truly exceptional, and in my opinion really rather underrated.

Anyone who can pull off the geek look oh so well always gets my vote.

He performs with such flare…. I mean on stage get your mind out the gutter.

He’s getting older, oh so gracefully

He’s got those kind of eyes that can reach deep down into your soul and tinkle you pink

Anyone that looks this damn fine in their 40+ year of life always gets my vote

Oh my lord that smile has just turned me into mush

Really I don’t think this needs an explanation. I’m off to have a cold shower.

By Zehra Phelan

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