women sitting in the kitchen in a beautifully designed home

Have you fallen out of love with your home? Grown tired of the faded walls, the dated furniture and the loose fittings.

It happens. Finding ways to keep your home looking stylish and up to date is difficult, which is why we’ve put together this list of eight transformative home design tips.

Read them and get inspired.

  1. Choose a feature wall

If you’re looking for a fast but equally effective way to spruce up your home, a feature wall is the way to go because it only requires the painting of one wall (in theory). It also makes a great focal point for any room and can help determine its entire décor.

  1. Install under cupboard lighting

Under cupboard LED lighting transforms your kitchen into something of a modern marvel, all without breaking the bank. It’s easy to install too. So if you’re looking for some legendary lighting, check out a kitchen lighting store such Screwfix and get inspired.

  1. Lay a stair runner

Stairs are often one of the first things you see when you enter a home, so why not dress yours up with a stylish stair runner? It’ll make a great first impression on anyone who enters your home, whilst protecting your stairs from natural wear and tear.  

  1. Dress your sofas

New sofas are a big investment, so rather than forking out on new ones, why not dress up your existing ones with fancy throws and trendy cushions which compliment your colour scheme and breathe new life into your seating?

  1. Divide your room

A room divider allows you to separate your space into several distinct and cosy areas. A divider doesn’t need to be built from scratch either, furniture items such as bookcases and desks will do the job just fine. Not sure what we mean? Check out this BuzzFeed article for a better idea.

  1. Update your flooring

Updating your flooring can go a long way towards modernising and revitalizing your home. Be bold with your choices by going for something completely different, for instance, if you have carpet at the moment, try laminate or vinyl, or vice versa.

  1. Switch up your doors

Doors are more than something you open and close – they’re portals from one room to another. It’s therefore essential that they look stylish and inviting, otherwise they’ll set a poor first impression for the rooms in your home. So take a look at an online door store such as Oakwood Doors and find some impressive upgrades.

  1. Mix and match

Consistency and uniformity are great for a home but too much of it and your household can start to look a little boring. So change things up a little by mixing and matching furniture pieces such as sofas and dining chairs.

Follow these eight terrific tips and enjoy as your home is transformed before your eyes!

That’s our list! Share your home transformation tips in the comments section.

Image via Unsplash