The rave scene was a pretty big deal back in the 90s! and so were some of the get ups 90’s rave phat pants are making a comeback.

Whether you may remember them or not but JNCO is one of the most iconic brands of the nineties and is set to make a killer come back this will appeal to ravers and shufflers everywhere! according to Hypebeast with financial backing from Chinas Guotai Litian, they will create three capsule collections; the core collection, a fashion collection and a heritage range which will feature jeans with leg openings of 20 and 23 inches.


This means for all of the 90s nostalgists you can relive those amazing moments dancing until the early hours wearing the trendiest threads. Take a look at some of the adverts from back then, wide legs have also made a massive comeback on the catwalks Rihanna is regularly seen wearing wide leg trousers.



Rihanna at Paris Fashion Week 2014


Rihanna wearing wide leg jeans by Marques Almeida


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