A casino night - The perfect party theme

Finding the perfect theme for a night in with friends and family can always be tough, no matter what the occasion. Whether it be fancy dress, a throwback to the 1960’s or glitz and glamour there’s always going to be a lot of planning involved.

A casino night in is a party theme that has grown really popular over recent years. It is a perfect theme to not only socialise with your guests but to also host, entertain and have fun with as well. The different options for a casino night themed party are endless, from renting casino tables to having canapes and bartenders. It is a great theme if you are looking to go all out!

So if you are wanting to host the best casino night in of all time, read on for the top things to consider when doing your party planning.

The games

One of the most important things to consider when planning a casino night in are the games. You want to ensure you have an array of different games to suit everyone’s tastes. Blackjack, roulette, poker are all classics — but take into account the different variations that your guests may be familiar with. You may want to consider renting game tables or purchasing what you need online.

To replicate video slots, you might want to offer Rainbow Riches. One of the world’s most popular online slots franchises, there are several different versions — with different features — to enjoy including Rainbow Riches: Drops of Gold, Rainbow Riches: Fortune Favours, Rainbow Riches: Free Spins and more.

Renting game tables can help enhance the atmosphere at your casino night.
Renting game tables can help enhance the atmosphere at your casino night.

Go for a theme

 It’s not just enough that it’s a casino night — why not go the extra step and make it a themed casino night. There are so many fantastic themes to choose from. A classic is to take it back to the roaring 1920s and 1930s and go with a Great Gatsby theme. Another great decade option is the glitz and glam of the 1980s. Or go slightly more grunge with the 1990s.

You could take the casino-film route. Fans of James Bond (and casinos) will be familiar with the classic Casino Royale. Or get everyone to dress up as a character from Ocean’s Eleven. Whatever theme you choose, make sure your guests know well in advance so they can all take part to the fullest.

Decor is everything!

One of the reasons that people visit casinos (apart from the games, of course) is for the fantastic atmosphere. This means that when you’re hosting a casino night from your home, you’ll want to ensure you recreate at least some of the elements and experience that you’d get from a real-life casino. This is why it’s so important to invest in the decor! Try taking inspiration off images on Pinterest or your favourite casino-related films.

There are many fantastic websites where you can purchase everything you need — from lighting to tablecloths, glassware, personalised chips and more! Or, go DIY and make your own. It’s a special touch that makes a big difference when it comes to creating the right vibe for the evening.

Don’t forget food and drinks

The key to any good party? An excellent selection of food and drinks. Decide, based on your theme and budget, exactly what you want to offer well in advance. This of course, depends on the amount of guests you have as well as any dietary requirements they may have, so be sure to ask when inviting them. The theme can have an effect on the food too. If you’re going for a glamorous affair, make sure you have the food and drink to match. Think canapes, cocktails and nice whiskies on offer. If you’re thinking something more relaxed, a selection of beer, wine and table snacks may suffice.

The theme — and guest list — can also help you decide whether you want the event catered or if you’re able to make the food by yourself. If you’re hosting another big household you may want to consider paying someone to do the hard work for you, so you can focus on getting other elements of the atmosphere right.

Depending on the vibe you choose for your casino night – you may choose to hire caterers or bartenders.
Depending on the vibe you choose for your casino night – you may choose to hire caterers or bartenders.

Have a dress code

Whether you choose to go for a theme or just keep things casual, it’s important to have a dress code to ensure your guests know what to wear. Smart casual is always a good approach to take — but if you’re thinking of something a little fancier (black tie, for instance) than ensure you’ve let everyone know well in advance. You don’t want anyone feeling like they’ve over or underdressed for the occasion — and having everyone stick to a dress code helps create the right atmosphere.

Get the music right

 It’s one of those things that can be easily forgotten when you’ve got so many other things to think about — but music is really mood-enhancing, and really change the atmosphere of an evening. Get cracking on your playlist as soon as possible and be sure there’s enough to keep your guests entertained into the night. You don’t need to hire a DJ these days; as long as you’ve got a streaming account you are good to go. Try searching for ‘casino night’ in the browse section — there might be a few already made by others who have hosted their own casino night parties.

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