A Christmas Gift From Bob

Four years on since that furry little bundle of joy, Bob, stole the nation’s hearts in A Street Cat Named Bob, he returns for this follow-up tear-jerker to fill all our hearts with a little festive spirit and to remind us all of the power of human kindness.

In the film’s predecessor, based on the real-life story of James Bowen’s (Luke Treadaway) life where Bob attached himself to the down on his luck addict, we got a story of love and companionship as Bob helped James turn his life around as the pair became inseparable. That mushy feel-good factor has carried over as we join the duo on the cusp of James newfound fame drowning in book signings and hounded for a second book.

However, facing a blank page James faces a more than problematic time as Christmas is fast approaching, cash is running dangerously low and to top it all off, thanks to a miserly vindictive street enforcer – who could be mistaken for a modern-day Scrooge – turned animal welfare officer, he also has to face the prospect of Bob being taken away from him and left to face the cold, dreary winter all on his own.

Filmed before Bob passed away this summer, he reprised his role as himself again with Treadaway reprising the role of James to again portray that feeling of hopelessness as he ventures down a road blinkered by his own problems, sometimes to his own detriment. But Bob, without even trying, manages to adhere himself to an adoring public, but after all, we are supposed to be a nation of cat lovers so no real surprise there.

The sequel couldn’t have come at a more perfect time and thanks to its themes – which rarely deviate from the first film – it’s sadly all to relevant and relatable to our current state of affairs, people through no real fault of their own – living hand to mouth on the poverty line. The only difference from reality is that it’s the supporting characters, with tenderness and warmth, leave their self-serving attitudes at the door to pull together with kindness. If this doesn’t fill you with Christmas spirit you are simply made of stone.

The film hits UK Cinemas and PVOD November 6th.