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Your wedding invitation is the first impression you give your guests and sets the tone for your big day.

It should not only provide essential details like the date, time, and location of your wedding but also reflect your personal style and taste as a couple. 

So as a couple, you are always in search of wedding invites that are something different and go with your style and preference. With so many different types of invitation designs out there, it can be challenging to know where to start. So we have come up with a guide for you. 

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Here is a guide to creating unique wedding invitations that will impress your guests.

Choose a Design that Reflects Your Theme

The first thing you need to do when creating unique invitations is to choose a design that reflects the theme of your wedding. For example, if you’re having an outdoor garden wedding, floral invitations would be perfect. If you’re hosting a modern city chic wedding, consider sleek geometric patterns or metallic finishes.

There are countless styles of invitation cards available in the market today- from vintage-inspired letterpress prints to digital art forms such as QR code-based cards -making it easier than ever before for couples who want their invitees’ eyes popping up before they even arrive at their destination!

Use Non-Traditional Materials

A great way to create unique invites is by using non-traditional materials. Couples today are choosing unconventional options like wood veneer or acrylics instead of traditional cardstock paper, adding extra texture and flair.

You could also include fun elements such as cork backers or wax seals with pressed flowers for added interest. Just keep in mind any additional materials may add weight and alter postage charges.

Focus on Typography

Typography plays an important role in setting the mood and style for your invites; selected fonts will match well with different styles more aptly than others! Consider serif fonts like Times New Roman or Bodoni if you are going for classic elegance. On the other hand, sans-serif typefaces such as Helvetica work perfectly well with minimalist weddings.

Selecting customised typography might help invoke emotion just as much since every font has its personality working best when in unison with its surrounding design elements.

Incorporate Handmade Details

There’s nothing more charming than handmade touches on wedding invitations! Adding things like custom wax seals, calligraphy, or watercolour illustrations lends an organic, artisanal feel to your stationery suite. It also gives you the freedom to express yourselves creatively and make your paper goods unique. Using the best quality handmade papers for your wedding invitations can be the next best thing that you can include to make your cards much personalised. 

There are many ways to incorporate these details into your invitation suite: for example, handwriting guest addresses on handmade papers adds a personal touch that will be most appreciated by guests.

Include Small Gifts

Sometimes the smallest details can make all the difference. Including small gifts such as personalised matchboxes with sparklers or sachets of dried flowers that can be hung in cars is sure to leave a lasting impression on guests.

In colder months following weddings where snowfall is expected, have luxury mittens delivered alongside invitations. Not only do items create excitement towards forthcoming ceremonies, but they also help the warmth and thoughtfulness behind creating memorable experiences for loved ones during this special time!

Choose an Interactive Format

Why settle for a flat card when you could have so much more fun? Interactive formats such as puzzles or pop-up designs add new dimensions of discovery for bridal party guests! Choosing unique formats not only creates happy memories but also ensures no one would soon forget what they received earlier once they’ve had an interactive, hands-on experience!

Remember Your RSVPs

Finally, don’t forget about RSVPs. The response cards should not only include essential information such as meal choice and dietary restrictions but also reflect your personality as well as the main event motive expressed through previous documents.


Your wedding invitations are important components of the wedding ceremonies. So,  invest a bit of time and make them something you’re both proud to share. By using unique materials, incorporating handmade details, and choosing an interactive format with an expressive style guide-led approach, couples can create invitations guests will love seeing over the years. So pick the best wedding invitations for your special day and make it much more memorable!