Tarot Card reading

Many world look at tarot card readings as going to a stuffy room to meet a woman wearing long robes, sat in front of a small table, waiting to discuss the impending doom coming your way.

Fortunately, there’s a little more to it than that; in fact, it’s not even about fortune-telling or predicting your future. Check out the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn for some powerful information on the spiritual side of tarot.

But what is that even telling us? We put this article together as a means to find out how a tarot card reading takes place, what’s involved with that eery deck of cards, and how they can tell you things you never knew about yourself. cartomancy fortune telling with playing cards provides a different take on tarot, but you’ll also learn that a tarot card reading doesn’t even require the help of a psychic!

Open readings and question readings are applicable in tarot. Question readings are mostly about using tarot cards to ask specific questions, although they are not intended to answer questions of yes or no. Decisions should also never be made using tarot but should be used instead as a guide to making up your own mind. Because of this, the way you pose a question is vital. Here are some tips on ensuring a successful reading.

Consider various options

Let’s suppose that, prior to the reading, you already know the answer, the tarot cards will not guide your overall decision. As an example, asking how you could approach the subject of asking a family member to move out, instead of asking how you could get on better with them, narrows the scope of the true question because you’ve answered it before you’ve even begun.

Seek the finest details

You should have a clear objective with every question geared towards the tarot. Instead of picking a small aspect of an issue, look at it with a wider perspective. For example, instead of asking how you could make your work life less stressful, ask how you can be more efficient or get along better with your boss. This is a more focused scenario, but do not go into details asking how you can fix a computer at work using tool x when tool y is in the way, that’s way too detailed. Stick with a limited level of details to express what it is you wish to learn from the cards.

Tarot Card reading

Make yourself the objective.

If the tarot reading is for you, ensure your questions centres around you instead of someone else you consider to be the cause of your issue. For example, asking why your wife no longer loves you is focusing on them, instead of you. Asking how you can work on your relationship brings the question back into your court.

Keep a neutral composure

The question you ask should not be cocky, coming across that your view is the only one that matters. For example, asking why you visit your parents more than your sibling is not neutral, asking how you can influence your sibling to help more with your parents is neutral.

Positivity is key

This is probably pretty obvious, but rather than asking why something never happened, ask what you need to do to ensure that happens. An open reading focuses on various aspects of your life, rather than drilling down to a specific problem or situation. These are usually carried out as you enter a new sector of your life, such as getting married or buying your first home. Understand what you wish to cover such as your health or your career, you could direct the reading, but that’ll be about as specific as you can get with the direction.

We hope you’ve got a better understanding of tarot card readings, and feel free to drop us a line if you need further info!