Trevante BADGIRL

It is without doubt that the number of talented artists who are below the age of twenty coming through and being successful is increasing like a virile lemming colony. More frightening is the fact that they are generally able to deal with the pressurres of being musicians alongside the fame with the fortitude and experience of a veterans.

Soon I expect there will be a three year old with his smash number 1  ‘GoGo Gaga’ featuring fresh new artists-Lil Baby and Toddla T being interviewed and explaining the inspirations for their new track-“well it’s about being a baby!” Anyway, I digress-Trevante is young, talented and indeed he seems a veteran already at his tender years. His latest track Bad Girl featuring Lil Twist is a banging cut that I have been pumping on full whack since I got hold of it.  We recently caught up with the young talent for a quick chat…

You are very young, how are you dealing with the pressure of such a competitive business?

Keeping my family around and staying positive. My mom is also part management so its really a family thing. If we stay focus eventually we will get where we’re trying to go.

They always say working with family is not always the best-was the decision to work with yours something that just came about and do you plan to do more with him?

Of course, he’s my father but he’s also very talented. He taught me everything I know.

What about this wish to be a performer, it seems you might have been destined for this?

I love performing! Nothing makes me happier then being on stage singing & doing what i love. I just become this character in stage its really cool!

Right now what inspires your writing and indeed who helped you hone your skills?

Well, I love to study I’m always studying to perfect my craft. My father was definitely a big part in helping me to learn how to write. It also helped watching and learning from other great writers producers!

Love the fact you have worked with Tank, I am a fan of his what was it like both writing and learning from such a renowned name?

It was really cool! Tank is a cool dude & a amazing vocalist . We had a lot of fun working in the studio just talking about girls and everything! Lol

So the single……how many Bad Girls have stung Trevante and do you really love your Bad Girls?

How many? Too many to count lol! I love all my bad girls I’m working on something special for all my bad girls!

Lil Twist, did you want him specifically?

Well, I’ve known Twist for a good while and actually the CEO of my label actually insisted that Twist get on the song. It was really cool Twist did a great job!

Your album I AM Trevante -self explanatory I expect! However let me know some details about this album

I’m actually going to be changing my album name because I’ve grown so much as an artist and I really want the album to have more meaning. So I’ll definitely tell you the name soon!

What are your plans for 2014?

To put out memorable music & to keep spreading love & positivity to the world. Also to have everybody putting up the Tstyle sign! Tstyleeee




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