With a list of accolades longer than his forearm, Baritz Laszlo is the Miami Pro Universe Champion of 2014. The personal trainer and fitness model can simply be described in one word ‘RIPPED’.

Baritz Laszlo 6

Monday Motivation gave us a quick opportunity to speak with Baritz and this is what he told us.

What are my measurements? I never measure anything. Except my waist is 28 inch.

What’s your key to looking good?
My key to looking good is being consistent in both training and dieting. Doing it all year around.

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Give us your top training tip?
I always focus on squeezing every muscle in every rep to recruit more muscles and make them look more cut.

Do you ever feel under pressure in a gym full of men?
I don’t feel under pressure, but I’m very busy and it’s hard to fit my diet and training around my personal training hours.

Baritz Laszlo 3

What are your training goals for 2015?
At the moment my weakness is the size of my legs so I made my priority for this year to bring up my legs as best possible.

What does your diet consist of?
My diet consists of 2 kg sweet potato and 700g of chicken every day. Peanuts, bananas and protein shake plus bcaa.

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Is it expensive to keep a healthy diet?
It is definitely more expensive dieting for a show but overall it’s not that bad.

If I can’t cook, what tips can you give to prepare a simple yet healthy meal?
I’m not a master chef myself but the simplest things can be even bought in a shop or made very easily just by searching the basics on the Internet.

Baritz Laszlo 2

Do you get a lot of attention with a body like yours?
I do get a lot of attention, I could say I get a lot from man but also from woman. It used to be more man but now it’s mixed half and half I think.

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