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A Younique review about some of  the newest products to hit the shelves from this fast-growing brand. So pucker up and jump in.

Having already tried some of Younique’s products, I was looking forward to seeing what they had next in-store for the world.

This time round I got to try some of their lip products. Whoop! First up the Lip stains, which I found rather amusing as they are called Stiff Upper Lip. Perhaps they had us Brits in mind when they came up with that name.  Now Let me tell you, when they call these lip products stains they really mean it. Make sure this is the colour you want for the rest of the evening because these bad boys aren’t budging. With a translucent look to them they last for hours. My fave is Sultry, it’s a deep blood red, very vampish.

younique products

Next up are the glosses, there’s a whole array of different ones to choose from. I tried Lovable which is a candy floss pink colour. This is quite light in application, and gives a creamy finish to the look. It also works well over lipstick. The second one I tried was Lavish, a deep pink with loads of glitter in it. Boy did my lips look mighty kissable after I applied this…. I practically had to fend them off (them who Tilly?…… oh yeah those hunky men in my imagination of course) .

younique lucrative

Last but not least, I tested the eyeliners. A black liner called Perfect; which is a staple in any ones collection, and a deep purple called passion. The purple liner didn’t adhere particularly well to my water line, but the colour was gorgeous. I found out to that this makes a good base to apply eyeshadow on top of, to really make things pop. The black was much better in texture, it went on the water line smoothly and lasted a long time.

younique moonstruck eyeliners

I can’t wait to see what they bring out next. Over all I think these products are well worth a try.

For more info or product purchase, contact this lovely lady Jamie below:

Although I have already reviewed it, I totally recommend their mascara, it certainly gives your eye’s the wow factor. Click here to see what all the hype is about.

Check out a look I created using some Younique eyeshadows and foundation over at Tillyliloves.

For more tips, tricks, reviews and how-to’s, coming soon, stay tuned….

Written by Tilly Li

Twitter: @TillyLiLoves
Instagram: @TillyLiLoves

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