Angourie Rice the nice guys
Angourie Rice with Ryan Gosling on set of The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys movie stars Ryan Gosling & Russell Crowe as the lead actors. The actresses in the movie are Margaret Qualley, Angourie Rice, Kim Basinger, Yaya Decosta, Murielle Telio and more…

After attending The Nice Guys movie premiere at Leicester Square (London UK) starring Ryan Gosling & Russell Crowe we simply had to write this feature on the actresses in The Nice Guys.

We literally walked right past the man himself on the red carpet Ryan Gosling, and I’m still wondering why I chickened out of a quick photobomb while he was having his interview…

This article was written in 2016 during the theatrical release of The Nice Guys. We have republished this for 2022, because The Nice Guys is now streaming on Netflix.

The Nice Guys is a hilariously funny comedy about a mismatched pair of private eyes Ryan Gosling (who plays Holland March) and Russell Crowe (who plays Jackson Healy) who investigate the apparent suicide of a fading porn star in 1970s Los Angeles. Watch the trailer below, this film is way more funnier than I thought it would be.

So who are the actresses in The Nice Guys? Read on to find out. *** Warning this article may contain a spoiler or two***

Murielle Telio

Let’s start with the first actress we see on screen. Picture this. I young boy sneaks into what looks like his big brother’s room and takes a porn magazine from under his bed, he walks into his kitchen and opens up a triple-page poster image of Murielle Telio (who plays Misty Mountains) the porn star in the synopsis above.

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Murielle Telio The Nice Guys

We get a full eyeful of the topless Murielle Telio in the magazine and her body is amazing. As the camera zooms out you see a car drive off a hill through the kitchen window. That’s the moment when you think WTF? within moments, the car crashes through the house, where the boy was looking at the nude Murielle Telio.

He goes outside to see the wreckage and low and behold Murielle Telio is there on her death bed, topless from the crash. Death has never looked so good.

Murielle Telio is an actress that you may have seen in the movie ‘Duff’, Game of Assassins and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D TV series where she played Young Starlet. Murielle Telio has also starred in Red Oaks TV series The Bay TV series and Sex School movie aka Beginners Guide To Sex. Follow Murielle Telio on Instagram above. We are!

Margaret Qualley

Margaret Qualley The Nice Guys

You will see Margaret Qualley in The Nice Guys movies, running around in a stunning yellow dress throughout the film as she is chased by Hitman. Margaret Qualley is an actress best known for her role as Jill Harvey in The Leftovers TV series.

Margaret also played Raquel in Palo Alto and is the daughter of Andie MacDowell and Paul Qualley. Her sister Rainey Qualley is a music artist so the talent runs through the family.

All grown up now, Margaret Qualley is one to watch and we expect big things from the Qualley camp as she is currently starring in Death Note and Novitiate which are in post production.

If you like the yellow dress Margaret Qualley wears in the film you can find a similar version below:

Angourie Rice

Angourie Rice

Angourie Rice is a young Australian actress who is the daughter of director Jeremy Rice and of actress Kate Rice. You may have seen Angourie in Walking with Dinosaurs 3D, Transmission or These Final Hours.

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Angourie Rice is set for big things, the young child star is in the similar vein to Dakota Fanning. In The Nice Guys movie, Angourie plays the daughter of Ryan Gosling. Her cool role as the intelligent daughter that looks after her misfit dad (Ryan) works well.

Angourie Rice the nice guys
Angourie Rice with Ryan Gosling on set of The Nice Guys

Born in 2001, Angourie Rice is now 15 years old and already starring in movies with Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe. She was also in the TV series Mako Mermaids and is currently starring in Nowhere Boys: The Book of Shadows as Tegan and Jasper Jones as Eliza Wishart which is currently in post-production. Follow Angourie Rice on instagram

Yaya DaCosta

yaya dacosta the nice guys

The beautiful and stunning Yaya DaCosta plays Tally in The Nice Guys. In the movie, she plays the bad girl assistant of Hollywood legend Kim Bassinger. You may remind Yaya DaCosta from the hit TV show America’s Next Top Model in which she came in 2 place.

Yaya DaCosta has a list of film credits to her name, she has starred in the hit TV series Ugly Betty, Chicago Fire, Chicago Med and even the Simpsons. You can see her full bio here and also being a model you NEED to follow Yaya DaCosta on instagram too. She’s such a stunner.

Kim Basinger

Kim Basinger The Nice Guys

Do we really need to tell you who Kim Basinger is? I think not, but just in case, here’s a small (not full) list of some of her accolades. L.A Confidential, Batman, 8 Mile, Cellular, The Getaway…

kim basinger

Shall I continue? OK, The Real McCoy, Wayne’s World, Never Say Never Again, My Stepmother Is An Alien… The list goes on and on and on. However, I always remember being a young woman and seeing Kim Basinger in 9½ Weeks and do you also remember that Kim was in the original Charlie’s Angels?

Check out the highlights from The Nice Guys press conference below