Sponsored by The 7th Chamber. Brand new US TV series called ‘Code Black’, hits UK screens tonight at 9pm on Watch.

Inspired by the award-winning documentary by Ryan McGarry, Code Black is a heart-pounding medical drama that takes place in the busiest ER in the US, LA County Hospital.

Check out this frighteningly realistic stunt! Would you have the same reaction in this situation?

Posted by helloU on Thursday, 29 October 2015


The 13-part adrenalin fuelled series stars Academy Award winner Marcia Gay Harden (Mystic River) and renowned British actor Raza Jaffrey (Homeland, Spooks) and airs just two weeks after it’s US launch.

This is a medical drama like no other, behind the scenes there are numerous medical professionals on staff including actual trauma nurses who actually appear on-screen as trauma nurses. Every actor on the show went through a medical boot camp set up by Executive Producer Michael Sietzman. Code Black is high-octane and intense, every second is a matter of life or death in this ER…

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