Adam Idris

Taking influence from artists such as The Weekend and Akon, Adam Idris is gearing up for the release of his three-song EP Love Reincarnation. Out on the 7th of February 2018 this will be the third release of Adams under this pseudonym.

Not knowing what he wanted to do for years, Adam stumbled into music after recording his first song ‘That’s My Baby’ for fun. Since his realisation on that day, Adam believes that he is destined to make music.

Love Reincarnation EP consists of three songs, Private Play, Oh La La and I Feel Alone. The inspiration for the songs come from different places, one is based on relationships, falling in love and rekindling love, another based on loneliness and the other about family and how money means nothing without those close to you.

Adam Idris – Count On Me

At his heart Adam Idris is a singer-songwriter, however, his music is a combination of R&B and Pop, and at times it has the feel-good factor of Dance. Preorder the EP now and follow Adams social pages.