Adam Troy

Check out the brand new video release from Adam Troy ft Seven the General!

‘We Have Ups and Downs’ is all about human emotion and our relationships with others. Coming together naturally after feeling inspired by people around him, Adam Troy collaborated with producer Gerell Thomas on this Contemporary R&B track. Playing around with melodies, everything fell into place while creating this meaningful song which preaches putting your arms around your loved ones and holding them tight! Seven the General’s feature spot becomes the cherry on top of this release as he provides straight to the point lyrics on the tough times people go through! With a heartbreaking music video coming soon, ‘We Have Ups and Downs’ is about to become a turning point in music.

Release Date: 11th November – Get it here

Adam Troy was born in the Bronx, New York and grew up in a musical home steeped in old school R&B, Motown, Hard rock, Disco and Jazz. After spending years listening, mimicking and soaking in all of the greats, Adam Troy began to mix old school contemporary styles of Teddy Pendergrass, George Michael, Sade, and Jon Bon Jovi creating a smooth, soothing, sensual vocal style with just a little bit of rasp! In 2018 Adam Troy met Gerrell Thomas, Hip-Hop R&B artist/writer/producer and both set out to work on music while quickly realising they were creating something unique. Hitting the studio again in late 2019, Adam Troy and Gerrell Thomas created the brand new single “We Have Ups & Downs”. Their unique style and signature sound flow straight through this sultry new track, and we can’t wait for you to witness the accompanying music video!