savse protein smoothie

Training and working out hard? Try to get beachbody ready? Well this little drink might aid and assist your training regime as it packs a real punch!

Savse smoothies have now added Protein Blast and Protein Smash, two tempting new protein pick me ups joining Protein Punch to form the first ever HPP protein smoothie range. Perfect for pre and post gym, the two deliciously different flavours are available in Waitrose stores nationwide and convenience stores NOW.

We’ve tried them and we like them, to be honest, we didn’t find any flavour not to our liking. Why not buy the whole range, so you can change Flavours (pun intended) daily.

The little cute bottles look great, they look healthy, the feel healthy and they taste healthy.

Protein Smash
Strawberry Smash contains 20% strawberries, 20% coconut water, 10% coconut milk, 4% whey protein, 40% apple juice, 5% lemon juice

Protein Blast
Blueberry Blast contains 20% blueberries, 20% strawberries, 15% coconut water, 5% whey protein, 36% apple juice and 4% lemon juice

Savse Smoothies

A fresh and fruity twist on the classic strawberry shake, is made with strawberries, coconut and apple. The unique flavour includes 10g of whey protein to provide a much needed on the go protein hit for those looking to easily maintain a healthy balanced diet. Protein Blast, crammed full of blueberries, strawberries, coconut water, and apple juice packs a real flavour punch and also includes 10g restorative whey protein.

Both new smoothies, along with the rest of the Savse range, are made from 100% natural ingredients and crammed full of goodness – guaranteed to leave you feeling healthy on the inside and out. Unlike other smoothie brands, Savse cold-presses all of its ingredients to retain the essential goodness of the fruit and vegetables. High Pressure Processing (HPP) is the sophisticated preservation technique used to ensure that all vital nutrients are locked into each bottle, removing any nasties, without compromising on taste or quality.