adrian holmesSuccessful actor Adrian Holmes is proving to be a real force in film for 2011. With passion and a valiant approach to his work, along with inspiring versatilty, he engages audiences with his roles, placing him in a league of his own. He is sure to become one of the most popular and sought-after actors in the industry.

With his Caribbean roots in Barbados, the Wrexham-born actor moved to Vancouver, Canada, at the age of five. The eldest of three boys, Adrian stood out as a natural-born entertainer. But he points out that he did not choose to become an actor – acting chose him. At 11 years old, he landed the role of the Lion in the school production of classic musical The Wizard of Oz. Afterwards, a young girl asked him for his autograph – and it was at that point Adrian became hooked.

He went on to win an award for Outstanding Junior Actor when he starred in a play written by his drama class for a local drama festival in junior high school. The Challenge: An Environmental Happening also won Outstanding Junior Play. He continued to appear in productions throughout high school and college as a theatre graduate.

Back in 1991, Adrian made the transition from theatre to television, and studied in Vancouver, coached by world-renowned acting expert Larry Moss. In 2004, he received an LEO nomination (the Canadian version of the Emmys) for Best Guest Performance for his work in drama series The Collector. Best known for his returning role as Basqat in Smallville, he has also appeared in Fringe, Human Target, Supernatural, and Battlestar Galactica.

This year Adrian can be seen acting alongside Halle Berry as her love interest in the film Frankie and Alice released this month, and movie thriller Red Riding Hood. Other exciting new projects include the upcoming film Wrecked, due for release this spring, and film Hangar 14 starring Steve Austin.

With this many high-profile movies out this year, and his television credits and appearances steadily building, Adrian Holmes is a name we are bound to remember for years to come. Flavour manages to get a look-in amid his busy schedule for a chat.

What are you most looking forward to this year – there’s so much to choose from?
I have been working very hard – though it never feels like work when you are doing what you love. I just hope these films do really well and open more doors for me. The possibilities are endless. I love working and I hope I can continue to have a long career in this business. It is the best job in the world – I get paid to play!

When did you first realise you wanted to become an actor?
At a very young age, actually; around 10 or 11 years old. I watched a lot of TV as a youngster and wanted to be on the other side of the box. Also, I did my first big play, The Wizard of Oz, when I was 11 – I played the Lion. That was a definite turning point for sure; I loved being on stage.

You were born in Wrexham, North Wales – have you ever gone back?
Yes, I have visited, but it has been quite a while – 10 years to be exact. I never lived in Wales, I was only born there. I lived in Liverpool and Chester. The last time I was there was in 2001, so it is definitely time for another visit. I have family in Chester, so when I see them I can hop over to Wales as it is right on the border. Very beautiful land.

Your younger brothers must be so proud – do they intend to follow in your footsteps?
Yes, my brothers are both very proud indeed. Whether they plan to follow in my footsteps, I highly doubt it! My youngest brother is turning out to be a great writer, so you never know – I might be working on one of his scripts some day!

If you weren’t acting, which profession do you think you would be in?
I used to play football as a kid and people always told me I had a lot of potential, so I would have loved to have gone in that direction, playing professional football. I also studied nursing, like my mom, dad and many other family members, so I would most likely have been working in the health-care field.

Seems unlikely, but do you have any weaknesses?
I am a human being and not perfect, so yes, I do have some weaknesses. I think it is important to be in tune with both your strengths and weaknesses, but also focus and be aware so you can grow and improve as a person.

Choose a past film and character you would have liked to have been in and played?
I would love to have played Axel Foley in Beverly Hills Cop. Action comedy is a genre of film I would love to experience more of, but I haven’t had the opportunity yet.

When you have time to yourself what’s your favourite hobby?
I really enjoy playing golf on my down time. I love it! There is nothing like it.

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Interview by Kemi Giwa