One of the most revolutionary features in the forthcoming Call Of Duty offering is the addition of the Exo Suit. Exo Suit technology has become a sci-fi entertainment phenomenon and is now firmly embedded in popular culture science fiction.

The technology has broken into blockbuster movies (Edge of Tomorrow / Elysium / Captain America: The Winter Soldier) and is starting to filter into everyday real-life situations, e.g shipyard workers in South Korea using suits to give them robotic strength, showcasing how this technology is not out of the realms of possibility.

CoD AW_Riot_Slam Dunk_1407753674


2014 sees the Exo suit become a core feature and the flagship piece of technology in the latest edition of the largest entertainment franchise in the world, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. For the past three years the development team at Sledgehammer Games have been working on ways to change the movement set of the player and the Exo Suit was the perfect choice to add to the portfolio of new weapons and gadgetry featured in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and enhance the movement of players in-game.

To strike the balance between science and fiction The Sledgehammer team conducted extensive research and analysed current prototypes, meeting with a wide group of military operators, technologists, futurists, and industry leaders to create a technologically feasible exoskeleton. This allowed the team to map out what the future of this technology will look like, giving consumers a glimpse into the future of Exo Suit technology and the possibilities of robotics that will eventually define our technological era.

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Advantages of the Exo in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare 

  • Boost Jump – introduces verticality to the Call of Duty experience
  • Boost Dodge – unmatched evasive manoeuvring to avoid enemy gun fire
  • Boost Dash – lets you execute swift movements in all directions whilst in mid-air
  • Boost slide – aids mobility and works well when paired with boost jump
  • Boost Slam – all new air to ground melee attack to engage with enemies on the ground
  • The Exo suit can also be equipped with player selected Exo abilities – hover, cloak and shield

Sledgehammer GM Glen Schofield: “We started thinking about the game around September before Mordern Warfare 3 was shipped. The exoskeleton was one of the first ideas, it was based on seeing it in medical journals and then the army had a very simple one at that time.”

Some of the Exo Suits currently in use around the world include a muscle suit used in Japan to carry weights of up to 30kg and a body extender used in Italy which can lift up to 50kg in each hand claiming to be the most sophisticated wearable robot to date!

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