There is no disputing that in the last year or so nails have become a huge part of fashion. They are thought of as accessories and an outfit isn’t complete without them. We can thank celebrities such as Rita Ora and Rihanna for this and the introduction of the claw nail. A few years ago a multi-coloured, patterned and adorned nail would have been considered seriously tacky but these days the more glitter and colour the better.

I have personally found that the average nail shop can’t really cater to these wacky styles and unless you can get an appointment with a WAH nails specialist such as the one in Topshop Oxford Circus you can be left experimenting yourself with pretty amateur results. However more and more seriously talented freelance nail artists are emerging and their talent really needs to be recognised. As a make-up artist I like to think of myself as someone with a relatively creative eye and a steady hand but my attempt at doing patterns on my own nails tends to look like a 5-year-olds finger painting. This in mind, I thought I would feature this blog on an amazingly talented nail artist based in North London whose creations are seriously worth recognition.

Aimee Kritikos has always been an artistic person who has a BA(Hons) Degree in Fine Art but recently her passion has moved into creating amazing nail designs. She takes inspiration from nail artists all over the world as there are so many talented people out there. All of the pictures in this blog are her own work and more can be seen on her website

Aimee recently won a WAH nails competition for Christmas themed nails where she entered an amazing Christmas food inspired nail design. Her ability to create themed nails is incredible and she can be contacted through her facebook page for price quotes dependent on what her clients have in mind but really the sky is the limit with her imagination and skills.

Aimee has come up with a simple yet pretty Valentine’s Day inspired rose petal design exclusively for all you Flavourmag readers that I hope you all enjoy trying to recreate.