Over a year ago, Sweet Brown was transformed into a YouTube celebrity after an interview she gave detailing how she survived a house fire became a viral hit.

Months after her news interview with the now-famous line, “Ain’t nobody got time for dat!”, she landed a makeover, as well as appearing in numerous TV adverts, including one for a Shortline Dental company. Get yourself a cold pop and check out her hilarious ad video above.

Not only has Sweet Brown succeeded in captivating the online world, but she has even managed to gain the attention of pop superstar Beyoncé. Following her Super Bowl performance she was heard quoting Brown’s popular phrase, “Lord Jesus it’s a fire” during an interview with Extra.

Now, according to reports, the online celebrity is set to take Hollywood by storm. Brown has landed a co-hosting stint on the popular TV series Cheaters, a cameo role in Tyler Perry’s ‘A Madea Christmas’ and a guest spot in an upcoming music video alongside