AisleyneAisleyne Horgan Wallace: “Anyone can be beautiful just be happy within yourself! Damn that’s a good quote, call me the Dalai Lama”

Body Confidence
In the film I very quickly get down to next to nothing and my body is on show but I’m proud of my figure. Before I found out about the role I had been getting in shape for Ultimate Big Brother going to the gym. I love boxercise and pilates- I don’t have a boyfriend at the moment so it’s a brilliant release when you are not having sex! And I eat what I like but I do try to make 50% of my meals raw food- salads etc.

Style Inspiration
I don’t really aspire to achieve anyone’s style but I do admire Victoria Beckham and Cheryl Cole. I love their simplicity and how they just get it right every time. Simple, classic and they look fantastic.

Personally on a day to day basis I like to be comfortable but if I’m going out its full on glam. I can’t go to an event or for a night out if I don’t feel sexy so I would go for a bodycon style dress. If I was on a date I’d be in a cute top with a waistcoat, heels and jeans- its feminine but makes sure the guy doesn’t get too distracted.

My make up bag unzipped
When it comes to nails I go natural, red or pink. I like my nails to have either a sexy impact or to just look really neat and neutral. I guess it reflects me, I’ve got a soft side and a tough side. Know my nail polish, know me. I might have to start a nail colour line with that name!

My face
When it comes to my face I wear no make up during the day. I’m a big believer in facials to get your skin looking good. Either Elemis or Dermalogica. If I’m going out these days I’ve gotten rid of the big false lashes and smoky eyes. I’ll go with mascara, blusher either something peachy or pink- Mac has great blushers and then I’ll add some lip-gloss in a strong colour. Sometimes less is more girls! For today’s shoot the make-up artists went for a glam, sexy look as that’s how my character looks in the movie!

Words by Mary Bello