Alisha‘Oh my gosh! I hope you didn’t notice me nearly dropping on the runway!’ I assure her she looked hot and slinked down the runway like a stealth snow leopard during the show I’d just caught her in. ‘Seriously? Because there were bumps on the catwalk, I was struggling to walk over them’ she giggles. This is how high octane, high energy, high fashion diva Alisha White introduces herself to me. She’s funny, feisty, fierce and came second on last seasons Britain’s Next Top Model (BNTM). It’s obvious this runner up was a fan favourite. At BNTM Live event fans were clamouring for her attention and I wouldn’t be surprised if she sprained a wrist from all of the autographs she signed and she looks amazing as she poses at our exclusive Flavour fashion shoot, which is inspired by the movie Attack of the 50ft Woman. So she has every reason to feel on top of the world right about now.

How would you say you are feeling now, having come second on the show?
I’m really excited. It was a privilege to be on BNTM and I’m honoured to have come second and I appreciate the fans coming out to the live event today!

They love you that much is obvious!
[She looks at me with wide eyes]You know what I’m actually shocked by how they are responding! It’s lovely spending time with everyone. Getting off the runway and being with normal people [laughs].

Loved watching you on the show- you came across really well! Did you have a game plan at all?
I didn’t because I knew if I wasn’t myself my mum would be like ‘what the hell was that Alisha, that’s not who you are’ [laughs].

You were so funny on the show!
[Alisha laughs, covering her face in embarrassment] People say that but I don’t even think I’m funny I just say whatever comes to mind! And then I watched the show back and was like ‘arggh, why did I say that?’

Did you always want to model?
Yeah, it’s always been my thing. I joined an agency when I was 8 and did an advert for Nickelodeon TV when I was 11, rapping and dancing around and from then I was like ‘mum I have to do this, modelling is me’ I was adamant.

When I was younger I was taller than everyone and I used to be teased because of it but now I’m putting those inches to good use!

Had you taken part in any other competitions to up your modelling game?
I came 4th in Miss Black Britain in 2008. That really boosted my confidence. I realised how alive I felt on stage and loved it.

A bit like Beyonce’s Sasha Fierce! Have you got an alter ego?
Everyone back home calls me the Diva. Not because I’m demanding or anything but everyone knows when a camera is in front of me I’m like woah! Also, people call me the fire- the FIRE is coming! I’m bringing heat!

Do you feel like a role model, having done so well on BNTM?
Definitely and I don’t feel like I’m just a role model for black girls. Girls of all races come up to me and say I have inspired them which is so nice. Cos I used to be one of those girls watching America’s Next Top Model, and looking up to people like Elle. Sometimes I even get scared I’m in shock like, ‘me, you really wanna talk to me?’ It’s not like I wanted to be famous. I just wanted to model.

Wow, sounds intense. What would you say has been the most exciting thing that’s happened since the show?
Well I was a judge for Miss Flavour which was wicked! And I went to a Firetrap party the other day. I saw all of these famous people there. I just felt like screaming ‘oh my gosh its you’ every time I recognised someone. When I saw Joe McElderry I could barely speak. And today I met Jessie J who is amazing!

Are you up on your Twitter game then to stay in touch with them all?
Yeah I am! You guys should follow me (@AlishaWhite_) I always follow back!

What was the toughest thing about being in the house. Because there were points in the show when you seemed down.
I guess that was when I would get negative criticism from the judges. Because I started off getting loads of high praise and then as the weeks went by, I was getting some harsh comments from the judges. Like Julien [MacDonald] was so complimentary at the start and then got harder on me…

Do you think it was tough love?
Definitely because he did later tell me that he expected a lot from me so wanted to push me to do better.

Who were your favourite people in the house?
Amelia and Oliviah. They are like my sisters I love them!

Did any of the girls have gross habits?
Amelia picks her cuts and Oliviah farts on me!


And from gross to gorgeous…how was posing with George Lamb? He’s a sexual piece of man candy…
Oooh yes! That was a great day. He’s gorgeous and he made me feel so comfortable. Not like the Rugby boys! When I shot with them they were talking about my breasts. But George was lovely.

Speaking of boys were you on a manhunt when you got out of the house after being cooped up with girls for so long?
You know what I’m single. I can’t find anyone who loves my passion and is down to earth.

Well your only 19…
Exactly, if someone comes along great if not that’s cool to, I’m focused on modelling and bringing the fire!

Tips for next year’s contestants
*Bring the fire because this year kicked it up a notch.

*Don’t be afraid to be yourself- you are there to win!

*Practices posing, walking and read fashion magazines before you come in! *Knowledge is power!




  1. Trend Setting Model
    When ever inspiration is sorted, it's a blessing to know there is an entity out there that will provide a creative spark at the right time to present us with something so beautiful. Alisha White is a blessing who is one of those models that is definitely always a pleasure to meet or see in an editorial.

    I'm loving her look which traverses the avant guard forwards and backwards then though the gamut of contemporary styles.
    What a graceful and refreshing interview.


    Trevor @ iDeLick Media & Creative Photography

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