Christmas is coming, so it’s high time you think about your Christmas manicure, which can be easily missed in the madness of preparations.

Christmas nail designs can be both super simple manicures and the most elaborate ones that cause the “wow” effect. Therefore, you need to decide which option suits you best.

Let’s then check out the best Christmas manicure tips to make the decision easier for you and, as a result, allow you to celebrate in a truly joyful spirit.

General nail art tips

First of all, remember that Christmas nail art is significantly easier if you set your mind clear on the final effect you want to achieve on your nails.

If you prefer rather simple and classy Christmas nail designs, you don’t have to use the services of any skilled nail technician. Instead, you just need:

  • high-quality nail polish, like those you can purchase at,
  • free time without no interruptions,
  • a little bit of patience.

Although an elegant and simple Christmas manicure is already enough to put you in a Christmassy spirit, you can try more compound nail art by yourself. It is definitely not an easy challenge, but practice makes perfect and you will progress every time you try.

Nonetheless, if you don’t want to test your manicure skills just before Christmas, you can easily let a crafty nail artist, or a nail salon do magic with your nails.

Christmas nail designs colour tips

Classic Christmas manicures are usually based on colours such as:

  • red
  • green
  • white
  • gold

Already a single shade gives off Christmas vibes, but a combination of two, or three can work even better.

Classic nail art can be fairly simple to make your nails look festive. A minimalist manicure with one or more of the above shades will look elegant, classy and will match any attire you decide on.

What is more, you can base your Christmas manicure upon matte colours, but, if you want to have the shiny effect, you can use simple gel nail polish as well.

Christmas nail art tips

When it comes to Christmas nail art, the list of possibilities is endless. Simple nail art designs can go from 2 colours, through multiple shades, up to a different shade or type of varnish on each of your fingers.

What is more, you may also alternate Christmas designs on each of your nails. There is a wide variety of Christmas manicure options, so you can let your imagination work.

For example, if you prefer elaborate nail designs, you can use snowflakes, reindeer, gingerbreads, elfs, Christmas trees, or even a combination of these symbolic creatures.

Nonetheless, keep in mind that putting a detailed pattern on your nails is not easy. Therefore, for elaborate designs you need to have advanced nail decoration skills or just let a nail artist do it for you. A DIY alternative is to simply use Christmas nail stickers on top of your regular nail polish.

Summing up, Christmas nail design is an important element of your Christmas look. It is worth it then, to plan it ahead and think about what effect will suit you best. You can go funky with elaborate nail art with snowflakes and Santa Clauses on your nails. Nevertheless, you can also go classy and base your Christmas manicure on the festive colours using high-quality nail polish.