Charles street clique

Australian alternative hip hop band The Charles Street Clique challenges the traditions of genres with a hybrid of different sounds in their debut release ‘Good For Me’, a single off their upcoming EP Court Dates and Booths’.

A truly unique and creatively fascinating composition, ‘Good For Me’ explores both sides of a tragic love story between a good girl, a bad boy, and a life of crime that consumes them both.

Ingeniously creative and both lyrically and visually enthralling, the single is inspired by the real-life romance of the band’s rapper, Alex G. This doomed love story is told through a fusion of beautiful acoustic guitar, grimey street lyrics, and the melodic voice of Sarah Jennifer. It uncovers the demise of a hopeful romance and the digressive truths of a criminal lifestyle.  

On the single, Alex said, The lyrics for the song drew from that experience and Jack (the band’s acoustic guitarist) was able to capture the darkness of this doomed love story perfectly and created an ominous riff that, along with Sarah Jennifer’s beautiful voice, created an incredibly powerful song.”

Accompanying the single, The Charles Street Clique have created stunning visuals that resemble a short crime film, featuring Instagram model Brittany Baylis. The production captures the hard-hitting narrative of ‘Good For Me’ and further unveils the raw creativity and originality of the band.

Through combining their different musical backgrounds grown from each being individual artists, it is The Charles Street Clique’s intention to push boundaries and allow their audience to appreciate the uniqueness of their sound and the juxtaposition within their dynamic musical abilities.

The fresh and innovative sound captured in ‘Good For Me’ is further portrayed in their upcoming EP ‘Court Dates and Booths’, which is a 6 track project that deals with themes such as tragic love stories, courtroom dramas, criminal tales, and even Tinder.

Whilst relatively new to the music scene, their upcoming EP is equally as captivating as its’ debut single and is sure to make some noise in the Australian hip hop scene.

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