What to wear and what not to in a wedding is surely a common dilemma among a lot of women. A lot of wedding ceremonies specify a dress code like black tie, formal cocktails, smart casuals etc.

But there is not any specific dress code, a demure cocktail length dress or the neutral pant suit can do the trick most of the times. It is really important to select the right wedding dress, but also make sure that the dress is comfortable.

The Dress – Time To Be A Princess

Go for a demure that is feminine style and which suits well for the occasion. Try to avoid something that is too shiny or tight. If the wedding is outdoors during the day then you can check out the shorter dresses. On the contrary, if the wedding event is a formal or black tie type, then you can go for the gowns in order to match up.

The Accessories – Complete The Look

“Accessories are like Vitamins to Fashion” Depending on the location it is essential to choose the accessories. In case of outdoor weddings during the day, add a hat in your accessories. The parasols are also well suited for the garden wedding. If the wedding is inside the church, then you can add a shawl or jacket for modesty. The accessories can also include Women’s Watches 88 Rue Du Rhone, which goes just perfectly with a rounded hat at the wedding ceremonies.

The Shoes – Transform Your Body Language

“Shoes Speak Louder Than Words” Check out the shoes very carefully because they can either make or break your outfit. Especially about the heels, you might have to be on your feet for a long time, so it is definitely better to opt for the comfortable ones. If you are purchasing a new pair for the occasion, then you have to make sure that you break them in. or alternatively, you can stash a pair of foldable ballet flats within your handbag in case the going gets tough.

The Colors – Let The Colors Speak

When it is about what the wedding style, there goes a saying that you should not wear white for the fear of upstaging the bride. But you can still make a mix and match with different colors. The daytime weddings are just perfect for wearing different colors while the nighttime weddings are more suited for darker and subdued hues. If you are not too inclined about the blocks, then try for patterns and prints.

The Bag – Carry Elegance With Your Bag

If the wedding is planned on day, you can opt for the midsized handbags. Do avoid the oversized or clunky products. The clutches are a good option also you can use the strap or wristlet. If the wedding event is cocktail, or somewhere where the finger food will be served, you would want to keep your hands free.

If you feel that the wedding is going to be really frivolous affair then you can use the chunky jewelry and if it is going to be much more subdued it is better to stick to the classic pieces. In most cases the wedding invitations dictate what to wear, but if not, then these tips might be of your help.