amazon echo

Amazon plans to launch a £5 per month music streaming service for its Echo speaker.

The new service will be only available via its Echo Speaker and is not part of the Amazon Prime service and doesn’t work via standard music services i.e. smart phones or tablets.
The service which is likely to cost £5 per month in the UK will only be available via its Echo Speaker. However Amazon have only sold one million speakers since it launched way back in 2015 meaning it might not actually take off.

We assume the low price, unlimited music service might appeal to some new users, and Amazon also hope to sell a further ten million speakers by 2017.

Right now only time will tell, so we will sit back, wait and watch to see how this goes down.

amazon echo speaker

Luckily for Amazon, Apple music or spotify do not currently have a competitor product which might just give Amazon the edge in this early stage.