Egyptian house artist, Amr Salah Mahmoud recently released his 2 latest tracks.

Lose My Mind and Reality are upbeat, electronic singles that have already made an impact since their release on the 21st December.

Amr Salah Mahmoud draws inspiration from big-name producers such as Calvin Harris and David Guetta alongside his love for 80’s disco bangers. The two new tracks Lose My Mind and Reality retain a mix of electronic dance beats that perfectly modernize the old school disco.

Hailing from Cairo, Egypt, Amr Salah Mahmoud also grew up with to the sounds of many Arab musicians such as Abdel Halim Hafez, one of his countries musical legends. His journey to producing today started off as singing cover songs which then lead discovering his talent for playing the drums.

Throughout the years the desire to make music never escaped him. He now has over 20 years of musical experience to put behind his name.

Amr Salah Mahmoud has produced many popular singles such as ‘Cuba’ and ‘I’ll Be There’ which both have over 5000 streams on Soundcloud alone.

Lose My Mind and Reality are available to listen NOW on all major digital platforms.