Amy5The TV industry is very competitive with only determined individuals breaking through. TV presenter Amy Kaur is a rising star managing to succeed in a notoriously difficult industry. Splitting her time between London and her hometown Coventry, Amy talks to Flavour about Brit Asia TV, celebrity interviews and pursuing a dream job.

Tell us about your TV show?
I host a show called The Mixtape on Brit Asia TV Sky Channel 833. It’s an urban music show where I interview artists and also I try to represent new talent coming through.

What was your career path prior to Brit Asia?
I won a competition a few years ago on another channel called B4U and this is what led me into presenting. I was given the opportunity to go over to Mumbai for a couple of months for training. I then went on to host two shows for the channel – a magazine-based show called Desi Sutra and Uninvited, a club show. After two years of presenting I felt I needed to explore other areas. I wanted to learn about behind the scenes too. I worked as a researcher on The Wright Stuff and Trisha amongst other shows. Then I was given this opportunity at Brit Asia.

What are you working on now?
Currently I’m putting together the new series of my show and also you can see me on a few features for Grime Daily. A couple of new things are in the pipeline too.

Can you describe your typical working day?
I don’t really have a typical day at work. It usually depends if I’m filming, then I have about four shoots to do in a day. It starts at about 12 then travelling to various locations for interviews. Another day is spent on the phone organising and chasing artists. I also try to get to the gym at some point too!

What was your best interview?
Everyone is different to interview as they all bring their own vibe. My one with Beverley Knight stands out as she was such a down-to-earth person – she joked around through the whole of the show with me. She’s got good energy.

What’s been your worst?
I’m not answering that! They could be reading this and next thing you know I’ll get a text cussing me!

What or who inspires you?
My dad is my biggest inspiration. He came over to England with nothing and has built up his own business. He motivates me to pursue my goals as he’s proved to me if you set your mind to something it’s achievable.

What advice would you give to someone that would like to get into presenting?
Firstly to always be yourself never try to imitate anyone else. Try and get some experience in front of the camera even if it means you and your mates get a camera and just mess around. Look for opportunities in your local area to host maybe a quiz night or a talent show. The main thing is to believe in yourself if you believe it you can achieve it.

What is the one thing about you that your fans would be most shocked to know?
I’ve taken part in a couple of beauty pageants.

How do you tackle nerves if you still get nervous before an interview?
I still always get nervous – I believe it makes me work that little bit harder. A little nervousness is always good and the only way to get over it is once I start they disappear.

What has been the best feedback you have received from viewers?
I always get told by viewers that they can relate to me and when they see me at events I’m approachable. They tweet me on Twitter – I reply back so feel free to hit me up on Twitter @amykpresents. A lot of people are proud as I’m an Asian girl pursuing her goals and I’m setting an example to others – the era of doctors and dentists has passed and change is in the air.

What do your family and friends think about what you do?
My family are really supportive of what I do. My mum is funny at times, though. When people recognise me she loves it and has a Proud Mummy Moment, bless her. They’re the ones that keep me going. I have a handful of friends around me as that’s one thing I’ve learnt – you’ve got to have good genuine people around you. This is a lesson you learn along the way.

The Mixtape airs every Thursday and Sunday at 10pm on Brit Asia TV Sky Channel 833


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