cropYou may have never heard of new singer Amy Webster, but it’s only a matter of time before you will.

A young teenage girl from Liverpool is set to take the music industry by storm having shared her skill with MySpace and YouTube, rapidly accumulating thousands of fans almost overnight! Amy style boasts a soft yet controlled tone and she has surprisingly had no singing lessons, but nevertheless, she has boldly taken on amazing covers of songs from leading female artists such as Leona Lewis Beyonce and Mariah Carey. Flavour had a chat with Amy shortly after completing her GCSE exams for the summer.

Amy – Lily Allen was discovered on MySpace and you have achieved the same.You have done amazingly well on MySpace and YouTube.
Thank you I could never have predicted how well it is all going. It’s like a great dream that doesn’t stop!

You must be so proud and excited that you have built such a huge fan base so quickly, what was your initial reaction when you found out?
Well I go on my MySpace a lot so I noticed it building up quite quickly and I started to receive so many messages a day but didn’t realise that I had more fans than JLS or Diana Vickers until it was pointed out.

I was so shocked I had to check for myself [laughs]. In school everyone’s talking about JLS and here’s little old me with more fans than them! It was a lot to take in!

At what age did you first start singing?
My mum says I was always singing in my own little language from a baby but when I was 5 she realised how good I really was and how easy it was for me to learn songs and harmonies so it was at age 5 that I did my first public performance.

No singing lessons at all, how did you do it? – Your voice is phenomenal!
[Laughs] Thank you! I guess it’s just a natural God given talent, people often ask me for tips on how to sing or improve their singing but I honestly don’t have any professional help that I can pass on, all I know is I open my mouth and this voice comes out! [Laughs] My mum is the only one who has helped me with my singing really and she’s not a professional in any way, she has just always paid a lot of interest in my singing and basically helped me come on.

You have been labeled the female version of Justin Bieber. How does that sit with you?!
It’s so flattering to hear that. It’s just amazing! I love Justin Bieber! I only wish I get the opportunity to be as successful as him. I really admire how hard Justin works for where he is today. Even though he’s made it now, he is still constantly on his MySpace and Twitter, updating and talking to his fans. He seems like he’s remained down to earth. He really deserves everything that he has achieved.

Without a doubt you’re going to become an inspiration to many young girls, what’s your advice to those who want to sing?
Practice practice practice! I’ve spent most of my time growing up in my bedroom recording songs over and over until I was happy with the result, you know what they say – ‘Practice make perfect’ everything is possible and if you really want something and believe in yourself and if you are willing to put in the hard work there’s every chance you can do it. YouTube is a great place to start off posting yourself singing to get an idea of what other people, apart from your friends and family think of your singing and style. There’s so many lovely people on there who will give you tips and honest criticism which all helps to build up your confidence. I will also say never let disappointment put you off chasing your dream. I’ve been reading about so many people like the Black Eyed Peas who so many people said no to but with hard work, self belief and persistence look where they are now!

Which artist from your home town – Liverpool would you like to do as well as?
Obviously ‘The Beatles’ are probably the biggest thing to come out of Liverpool music wise, so yes ‘The Beatles’ it is! Most singers are lucky if they are successful in their own country and the USA but the Beatles are successful worldwide! Ah imagine!! [Pardon the pun – Laughs]

Who is your biggest inspiration?I’ve taken inspiration from many over the years – Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Beyonce Knowles and most recently Miley Cyrus. Having watched Hannah Montana for years I loved Miley anyway but now I’m olderI’ve come to realise just what Miley has achieved at such a young age and this has inspired me so much as she’s proved you can do it no matter what age you are.

What do you enjoy most about singing?
When I’m feeling sad singing always makes me feel better. I love the feeling it gives me it’s like escaping to a place I love with the added bonus of being able to make others who listen to me happy too. When I get messages from people telling me they were having a bad day, week, year, until they’ve heard me sing – they thank me for cheering them up its really very touching.

Your parents must be so proud – what’s the best advice they have given you?
I’m lucky enough to have amazingly supportive parents. They say – Always try your hardest and even if you don’t succeed at least you know you tried your best.

Have you heard of artists Jojo and Tynisha Keli who also started singing as young as you if so what do you think of their styles?
I love Jojo, her music and her style of singing are the type of songs I enjoy singing, she has such a massive range and singing her songs is always a welcome challenge to me. I remember the first time I heard her sing, it was my mum who had me listen to her because she was only about 12 or something. my mum was amazed by her and I remember her saying you will be like her one day! I’ve never heard of Tynisha Keli but I will be sure to check her out now you have mentioned her.

If you could say one sentence to all your supporting fans who added you on your sites what would you say?
I thank each and every one of you immensely, because you believed in me – it helped me to believe in myself and I hope one day I get the chance to make you all proud.

Where do you hope to be career wise when you hit 21 years?
I hope by then I will have made a name for myself and shared my music with as many people as possible and most importantly still be going strong. I’d also like to be looking for the next young teenage singer and give them a break.

You must be so excited about your debut single – do you hope to work on an album soon?
I am so excited about my debut single, I love the song myself so I’m hoping my fans will too. Breaking into music is tough but I believe it’s not just about ability but also about the first song you release. Jojo had ‘Get Out,’ Mariah Carey ‘Vision of Love,’ Christina Aguilera ‘Genie in a Bottle,’ Britney Spears ‘Baby One More Time,’ these were huge hits worldwide and got them noticed. I’m confident my debut single will be the same. It’s like nothing out there. I can’t wait for the world to hear it. I have been working on quite a few songs over the last few months looking to create an albums worth and we have some really great tracks lined up so it’s all really exciting, I just need someone to give me the break I need now, to make it all a reality!

What does the future hold for Amy Webster?
There’s only one being in the universe that knows the answer to that – God willing It will hold lots of singing, touring, songwriting, working with some great people and helping to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

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Interview by Kemi Giwa


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