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The role of a school teacher is an important one.

It’s there to give our children the best start in life, and you’d definitely want to know more about the person with such a big influence in your child’s life.

Studies show that having a better parent-teacher relationship can contribute to your child’s success at school – amazing news!

Spending all day nurturing the minds of our little ones, it’s no wonder we’re keen to learn more about our child’s primary school teacher. We think it’s a job that requires a lot of personality…

Research shows that over 4 in 5 primary school teachers are female and about a third of them are 30 years old or under, but what else should we know about them? It’s a profession that depends upon a special set of skills, that’s why Edustaff have created a fun and light-hearted infographic – detailing the characteristics of your child’s teacher.

The Anatomy of a Primary School Teacher