Andrew Ripper

The Dancehall sensation Andrew Ripper presents his brand new single Jack and Rose’. Although Jack and Rose is a song full of emotion, it still manages to create that feel good feeling.

Born and raised in Zambia Andrew Ripper moved to Norway at the age of 15 where he is now based permanently. However, the now 27-year-old still takes regular trips back to Zambia and his roots play a big role in the style of his music. Incorporating dancehall from his upbringing and more mainstream pop from his time in Europe, Andrew Ripper’s music is heavily influenced by these two genres as well as reggae and soul. He is also a trained dancer which helps create an energetic atmosphere when he performs live.

The message that Jack and Rose tries to convey is that love is the most important thing in the world and it doesn’t matter what colour skin you have. However, to get this message across, and as the name suggests, Andrew Ripper uses the iconic love story from the film Titanic. This idea came about whilst working in the studio with one of Zambia’s biggest Dancehall acts, TSean. Together it took them just 24 hours to write, record and produce this feel-good single.

Listen here