Angelique Davis was the 1st runner up in the Miss Flavour competition. On the night she floored the judges with her killer pins…. her legs just go on and on and on and she feels the same. ‘My legs are my greatest attribute’ Angelique explains when discussing her winning moment. ‘But that’s not all I’m about! I know modelling is largely to do with looks, and yes you need to take care of yourself, but I feel my qualities make me a good model. I’m down to earth, a great listener and I love challenges.’

angIt’s this personality that also caught the judge’s attention, and no doubt has helped her land some impressive assignments. ‘I’ve hit the runway for Apple Bottoms, Principles, Mulberry and the Jump Off! But Miss Flavour has been one of my all time highs!’

Not content just storming runways, she is also a talented dancer who has graced the stage with Moonlight at Trey Songz’s concert and starred in music videos with Wiley. Oh and between performing alongside some of the biggest names in the industry Ms Davis finds the time to teach children dance at Kids Company in Streatham ‘Dancing is like an adrenalin rush for me. I’m real passionate, if you catch me performing don’t be surprised if you see my eyes tearing up!’

Despite all of this talent and beauty Angelique tells us she’s never been taken on a valentines date ‘No one believes me but its true!’ If she did have one this year what look would she win him over with? ‘Well I always have my hair done and I love wearing sexy lingerie.’ Boys form an orderly cue…..


Why did you enter the Miss Flavour competition?
I entered because a lot of people told me Miss Flavour is a great opportunity to get noticed for my work and talents. They said I may have a chance of winning. I actually put it off for a while as I saw the other girls and wondered if it was really worth it as I did not believe that I would get that far as I did not have a huge fan base like other models in the industry.

How were the other contestants?
The contestants were very nice to work with and very supportive. Some were very nervous and not as confident as people may think regardless of how beautiful they were.

What was the best part of the night?
The best part of the night for me was coming 2nd place but most of all seeing my mum in the audience as this was the first time after nearly 7 years of modelling she has seen what I actually do first hand.

Who do you think should have won?
Well it would of be great to win myself but being in the top 21 was good enough for me as I felt that was an acomplishment in itself. Tailia Santo is one model who I have worked with before and she is a lovely individual who is driven and very professional. I also have to other favourites and who should of won and that is Farina West and a talented singer/model Yana Toma

angelWhy do you think the judges choose you as the 2nd place winner?
I am a professional and passionate individual who puts all my effort to deliver. I feel i done this throughout the day of the show. This includes how I perform during make-up, hair and rehearsals. I am a perfectionist and I am not afraid to ask questions if I do not understand. I love working as a team and by myself and maybe my killer walk helped but I know my personality and work efforts shined through.

What qualities do you have that make you a good model?
I feel my qualities are me as a person in general. I am down to earth, great listener, who is determinded and love’s challeges. Obviously as a model you must know how to care for yourself by eatting well. staying fit, taking pride in your beauty and know how to work well with the camera/photographer. I have all these qualities, but most importantly my main quality as a model is being able to interact and work with different people within the modelling industry.

Which model do you admire and why?
If I had to pick a UK model it would have to be Nina Malone as she has come very far within the UK for a black model.

What have you done since you won?
I have been choreographing and styling for video shoots.

You always look different in

each picture that you take how do you manage to achieve that?
Great styling, make up artist and lighting. I also do not like to look the same so I make sure my hair is always done and wigs do come in handy for a great effect

You’re also a choreographer please tell me about that?
I teach kids at an after school club in Streatham, a charity called kids company and music videos.

What is it about dance that you love?
Wow, what a question.. the beats, its adrenalin rush… musicality, the techniques involved is moving. I can’t put the feeling into words. I’m just real passionate and if you see me at a dance performance do not be suprised if you see my eyes watering.

Who is your favourite dancer or choreographer and why?
I don’t really have a favourite, but there is not many I don’t like.

What’s the best thing about modelling?
The freebies, lol… on a serious note being in front of the camera.

What’s the worst?
Men at times and unkept models. I feel men can perceive you in the wrong way before they have even meet you. To be honest most models are humble. The stoosh/rude ones will not last long in the industry and most of the time it’s just fun to them.

What plans do you have for 2010?
Well I plan to focus more on my main ambition before I started modelling and that was dance and choreograph. I will continue to model, but I will now start to approach big agencies and also travel out of the UK and expand my networking links and my knowledge to set up my own businesses in the future.

What’s your life ambition?
Is to help others accomplish their goals and dreams after I have accomplished mine. I still feel i have a way to go.

Tell me an interesting fact about yourself.
I use to collect Beanie Babies when i was in school. Now and then I check up on them to make sure they are not collecting dust and give them a little shake so they are in good condition for my grand kids, lol…


My favourite part of my body is: B
My bum

B) My legs

C) My boobs

D) My abs

E) Other

The greatest compliment I have ever been paid is: I can’t think of one, but I am,more touched when someone compliments me on my personality than looks… seem more meaningful to me.

I feel sexiest in: D
Jeans and a cute top

B) mini-skirt

C) Nothing

D) Lingerie

E) Sexy dress

I’d rather live without: I’d rather the world lived without Class A drugs

You’d be shocked to find out I’d never: Been taken out on Valentine.

I have a slight crush on: A guy beginning with D

If I had to choose between love and my career: You can’t live without both

I don’t feel sexy unless I have: A (TOTALLY AGREE)
my hair done

B) a bikini wax

C) A manicure or pedicure

D) Make-up

E) Other

Money can’t buy you happiness: true

The most creative thing that I can do is: Dress myself in the morning, lol…

What’s been the highlight of your modelling career so far?
The whole process has been a highlight, to many to mention. Modelling for Flavour Magazine’s Apple Bottoms show choreographed by Reeme Idris at Llyod and Marques Houston concert. Miss Flavour, working with Kosher and meeting people who have become my friends over the years.

Words by Annika Allen & Mary Bello

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