DaughtersFollowing the huge sell out success at the Hackney Empire, Angie Le Mar’s hit play comes to the Albany Empire. A fast-paced play witnessing the tensions in the relationship between a mother and a daughter coupled with the devastating consequences of peer pressure. Exploring the hard hitting reality of what happens when communication goes out the window, followed by rules, morals and finally love. The show features a cast of teenage actors in a hard-hitting and very topical drama.

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The borough of Lewisham is launching a short-term multi-faceted campaign called Do you know where your daughter is? The aim of the campaign is to engage girls and their parents in a series of debates and workshops. This will be done in four ways:

1. The play: Do You Know Where Your Daughter Is? at the Albany Theatre in Deptford from 2-5 and 7 November, 2009.

2. The For Daughters shop-front – an eight week shop that will begin on 12 October. It will be open to females only from Wednesday to Sunday 10am – 8pm running courses, events, workshops and sessions. The décor and attraction of the shop will be decided upon by way of consultation with a group of young women and Angie Le Mar.

3. The Do you know where your daughter is? School Workshops: The play will be brought into four schools in the Borough following which a discussion will take place between the students and the facilitators around the main themes in the play.

4. The comic: Do you know where your daughter is? The comic will follow the story of a girl as she navigates her way through the difficulties of a violent partner. It will be distributed to all young persons of secondary school age in the Borough and will focus on the positive support that exists for your women in similar situations.

Angie Le Mar on Do You Know Where Your Daughter Is?
“Writing Daughters was a deliberate piece of work after a late night caller on my radio show. It was a young girl who didn’t quite understand that a line had been crossed in a relationship with a young man, and his friends. This really broke my heart. When I asked her about her mother, she said, her mother doesn’t care about her; she thinks I’m a tramp. There are parents who are getting on with their lives, and do not have a clue about what is going on with the younger generation. A lot of attention is paid to the boys, but not much attention is thrown upon what is happening with the girls. Our daughters are under pressure, they are being abused and are unfocused, and we are leaving them to get on with it. I believe if we can start to arm our daughters with the tools for life, if they never got it from home, then they should be able to get it from somewhere if not school. For Daughters, is for our daughters to see that we care, and we want to show you how to move on in life, to protect yourself and stay focus. Every parent should bring their daughters to the play or the shop. Let’s stop failing them.

Starring: Sophia Sinclair, Orlessa Atlass, Naomi Priscilla Mokgatte, Tara S.Brown, Claire Butler, Stephanie Edwin Fisher and Aaron Fontaine (Richard Blackwood show).

Dates: 2 – 5 November and 7 November 2009, 7.30pm
After-show guest Q&A: Tuesday 3 November, 9pm
Ticket prices: Adult: £7.00 / Child: £5.00
Address: The Albany Theatre, 8 Douglas Way, Deptford, London SE8 4AG
Box Office: 020 8692 4446
Website: www.afridiziak.com/daughters or www.thealbany.org.uk