A beautifully honest album released by AniJAH and set to be officially released on 21st March – Goodbye Blues is AniJAH’s way of shaking off his own blues.

He delivers a frank assessment of his life and problems, the detriment it has to his marriage and family, and his obsessive attention to his flaws and his battle to overcome his adversities.

Another self-confessed slave to the 9-5 grind, AniJAH would write his thoughtful lyrics anywhere, anytime and on anything he could as he juggled his home, work and music life. These past two years of writing and recording this album marks the moment he decided to make a change to his life, calling up friend Smiley Smuggler from Boxroom music whenever he can to bounce ideas around in a studio.

AniJAH had never originally planned to release this album, rather use it as outlet for his struggles with mental illness and his marriage difficulties, which incidentally are the respective inspirations behind tracks 3 and 4, Trying and Bed of Roses. The songs move steadily on from these bleak outlooks on life as we approach the closing tracks on the album – Forever, Take it Back, and All Along. The inspirations that sit behind these tunes is the music itself, referencing the roots of Hip-Hop and featuring artists such as DJ Shock HP and Marcus Data Scales. The heart-warming story behind this album is completed by the second to last track – Like a Boss – where AniJAH has used his music to climb out of the depressive spiral he found himself in to feel like a boss.

AniJAH takes his influences from the icons of rap; Snoop Dogg, Tupac and Biggie Smalls, even utilising KRS-ONE’s overview style of writing for Take it Back. Not only does he aspire to emulate these artists musically, but he wants to inspire others as they inspired him, and as a self-conscious rapper struggling with the issues of everyday life, there are plenty people he could find to relate and inspire.

His music is available to pre-order now, and will be available to stream and download from 21st March on all digital music outlets.