Anthony Maragni

In the past few months, new solo artist Anthony Maragni released his album Obliteration City. However, the attention is now being drawn to the single Lost Faith which Anthony states have influences from a big mix of genres but most prominently Jazz and Rock.

Anthony Maragni is a 27-year-old singer-songwriter from Long Island, New York. He has been writing poems as well as songs for as long as he can remember and draws on his life experiences to create some incredibly personal music. Lost Faith is written about the compromises that take place once a relationship begins to falter and fail, and his album Obliteration City is filled with thought-provoking and intimate topics.

The mysterious sounds of Anthony Maragni are very distinctive, and although he takes influence from artists that range from Billie Holiday to Black flag and even Slayer, his own alt-rock sound is what comes through on Lost Faith.

Lost Faith is out now along with its accompanying video, for more information about Anthony Maragni follow his social pages and his very own poetry blog.