How to Smash Ibiza in 5 days

Ibiza, Ibiza, Ibiza… This is a guide on how to smash Ibiza in 3 days, by hitting the best events the party island has to offer.

Travelling to Ibiza can be a world-wind experience. Ibiza is the type of holiday that you’ll probably need another holiday on your return to recover from it as it’s the epitome of sex, drugs and rock n roll (if you are that way inclined).

How to Smash Ibiza in 5 days

Places like Ushuaia, Hi Ibiza, Hard Rock Hotel, Ibiza Rocks & Ocean Beach will have you raving for 12 or so hours straight. Some people rave so hard, they barely see the light of day. However, if you plan your trip in advance, you can literally smash Ibiza in 3 days… Here’s how to do it.

Book your return flights to Ibiza via Easy Jet or British Airways and be sure to land in Ibiza on either a Thursday or Friday.

If you land on a Thursday you’ll get the chance to see Craig David at Ibiza Rocks in Sant Antonio and then you can head over to Ushuaïa for Martin Garrix plus special guests.

Craig David’s TS5 Pool Party at Ibiza Rocks

Craig David’s TS5 Pool party at Ibiza Rocks is an unmissable event. The man himself delivers hours of non-stop hit after hit tracks that will keep you bubbling for the entire time you are there. Not only will Craig David deliver the music you want to hear, but he will also Rap & Sing mid track which adds a spectacular element to the TS5 Pool Party at Ibiza Rocks.

The crowd at the TS5 pool party are young but very friendly and there to party. Half of the ladies at the event, look like they have literally just flown from the Love Island set, to come to the event. You’ll see people jumping in the pool, having fun, drinking and raving and as soon as Craig starts singing his hit records, you’ll get that nostalgic feeling that will remind how good he’s songs were.

Book your flights to land in Ibiza on Friday

If you book your flights to land in Ibiza on Friday, you’ll be laughing, as you’ll have the pick of all the best events that you can imagine.

Go to and choose your perfect Ibiza Hotel we suggest staying in Playa d’en Bossa as this is where some of the biggest events on the Ibiza calendar is happening. Playa d’en Bossa is where you’ll find, Ushuaia, Hi Ibiza, Hard Rock Hotel and at these 3 places you’ll find Ant’s (Saturday at Ushuaia), Glitterbox (Friday at Hi Ibiza), Children of the 80’s (Friday at Hard Rock Hotel) Black Coffee (Saturday at Hi Ibiza).

You can start off with a bit of Tinie Tempah plus guests at Ushuaia, and if you’re really clever, you’ll land on a week that DJ EZ is playing and watch the man himself, deliver some of the best and nostalgic vibes you can think of. The night is called Disturbing Ibiza and features Tinie Tempah with a range of special guests, you’ll find everyone from EZ to French Montana and more. One of the good things about this event is that you get a moments respite from the hard core house music scene. It’s a refreshing change, to a wild holiday line up.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…

After you’ve had your dose of Disturbing Ibiza, you’ll now have to make the hard choice of either Glitterbox at Hi Ibiza (literally across the road from Ushuaïa) or the Children of the 80’s party at Hard Rock Hotel (3 mins walk from Ushuaïa). I couldn’t decide between the two, so I went to both, Yikes!

Glitterbox is a party like no other, filled with lights, amazing tranny dancers and of course glitter. Lots and lots of Glitter. If you haven’t got your face made up, then simply pop around the side and visit the ladies of InYourDreams and they will sort you out in a jiffy. Once you’re glittered up and ready to party, it’s none stop disco house music until six in the morning.

The crowd is friendly and nice, the dancers are flamboyant and fun and you might even end up having people commenting and asking to take pictures with you and you glittered face.

Children of the 80’s at the Hard Rock Hotel is surprisingly fun, you find a large mix of people all smiling and partying to the disco classics. This is where the old and young party like there’s no tomorrow and with a range of performances throughout the season, you’ll be hard pressed not to love this event.

On the night I attended, there was a live performance from SNAP! yes, SNAP! playing classics like ‘Rythm Is The Dancer’ and ‘I’ve Got The Power’ which sent the crowd into a full on party frenzy. You’ll love Children of the 80’s for its happy vibes and fun sense of spirit. If you are celebrating a birthday, or hen party, or simply celebrating being in Ibiza then you have to visit the Hard Rock Hotel for this party.

Saturday Night in Ibiza

Once you’ve recovered from your Friday in Ibiza, you’ll be thinking what to do for Saturday Night in Ibiza. This is where you have choices upon choices, everything from Elrow to Black Coffee is available for your party pleasure.

But where you need to go is the award winning ANTS at Ushuaïa. However, if you suffer from Epilepsy then it’s a no go. Check out the opening scene of ANTS below:

And here’s what it looks like at night time from the balcony at the other end of the venue

I’m telling you, ANTS is the place to be. You’ll be raving hard all night long. It does get a bit packed in places, but it adds to the allure. Everyone is on the same vibe and everyone loves it.

After you’ve completed your night at ANTS then you simply walk or crawl over to Hï Ibiza where DJ Black Coffee and friends will have you partying to the hardest house beats throughout the night. You see a ceiling that moves and totally trips you out, you’ll see dancers and an amazing laser light show, but most of all, you get to hear DJ Black Coffee mix the very best in house music. MUSIC IS THE ANSWER!

This rave goes on until about 7am sometimes, but usually, 6 am. It’s one of the best raw club nights, the island had to offer. It’s not full of gimmicks, it’s straight house music, lights, camera and action.

And Finally

You can grab one last moment of fun during your 3 days at Ibiza. You can head on back over to Sant Antonio for Ocean Beach and a day of Kinky Malinki before you can your late flight back to London.

Kinky Malinki at Ocean Beach is a sexy beach party, during the day, with nice people and really good music. It’s the day that you’ll want to put on your best bikini or swimsuit or your favourite beach shorts and party will the sun is as its hottest. You can jump in the pool, lay on the sun loungers or beds while drinking cocktails and looking at unlimited eye candy.

You’ll find a great selection of food choices on the menu, so you can dine with your friends in style plus you’ll also find drinks and cocktails at your disposal and you have a day of fun, that will almost make you think ‘Why didn’t I visit more beach parties while in Ibiza’.

The crowd is sexy, the venue is sexy, everything is bright and cheery with a relaxed yet hype party vibe. You see an ariel display, you see sexy dancers popping confetti canons. Ocean Beach brings a different vibe to the other events, I have mentioned above. And if you go with your friends, you love it and probably make news while you are there (I did).

There you go. This is how to Smash Ibiza in 5 days. All you have to do is call your friends, book your flights and SMASH IT!

Please leave comments below on events that you have been to in Ibiza or events that you have always wanted to go to in Ibiza.