JoycelynBeing naturally funny and accustomed to playing character roles for film, TV and theatre, it would seem an obvious decision to cast a bunch of comedians in a comedy film. However, do not be fooled into thinking this somehow makes the acting less credible. As the star of her own comedy sketch show Little Miss Jocelyn and also a graduate from the Guildhall School of Music & Drama, she is armed with everything she needs to star in a big feature film such as this.

Miss Jocelyn plays Tyrone’s babymother Tasha and will certainly make you laugh out loud. And like most of the other characters in this movie, she will also take your mind back to that girl you knew from way back when, who was just like her – if you grew up in the inner city, you definitely knew a ‘Tasha’.

Jocelyn explains, ‘She is the extreme of version of like, a ghetto girl… who beats up men… and anyone else who gets in her way. She’s mouthy and doesn’t take any rubbish. She is definitely a cliché – but she is a very extreme cliché. So she’s all mouthy, all ‘man’ fighting, she wears a lot of velour and you wouldn’t want to mess with her.’

Jocelyn’s character is involved in some riotous, loud and, should we say, shocking scenes, which you will most certainly remember. If you are still unsure, we gave Miss Jocelyn the very last word. ‘People should see Anuvahood because it’s funny and I’m in it.’