App created by – Andrew Scrymgeour

Biography – “I’ve always felt that it’s not important where you’re from, it’s where you’re headed, but it would be naive to think the two aren’t related. I’m a Brit who’s grown up overseas and spent most of my time in the Caribbean before returning home to the motherland to find work. I’ve been mistaken for American, Canadian, Irish, Swiss and recently Welsh (where I’ve never even visited) and enjoy watching the confused faces of  people trying to place my accent. I’ve always tried inventing things but haven’t had much success till now. EXPOSED has been my first swing at a clothing label, and luckily I’m not the one designing them, it’s all based on what the customer wants. I like dogs over cats, steak over fish, beer over wine and biggest indulgence is on sunglasses although up until yesterday they haven’t seen much action in London.”

exposed logoWhat Flavourmag think- We have all taken that picture before, the one that you thought would look great on a tshirt. Well our prayers have been answered, Exposed is here and it’s the brand new app which allows you to print your own pictures onto all different types of clothing.

Not only is the app brilliant but it’s very easy to use with only a few straight forward stages. The first step is to select or take a picture, then once you have decided on the picture you can crop it to size you like, removing any unwanted background or objects. Then it’s time to decide on the piece of clothing you want it on, hoody, tshirt? You can even have your picture on a bag if you like. Once you have selected your item, you can pick your preferred size and bingo! You have created your very own personalised item of clothing in a matter of seconds. The next stage is to wait for it to arrive and then rock it with pride. Creating your own clothing has never been more simple. Download today and become your very own fashion designer and stylist.

Download the app here or alternatively visit Exposed at Facebook , Twitter & Pinterest

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