Blooming Future by Timo Helgert for HONOR

Global technology brand HONOR announced Gateway to the Future an initiative designed to enrich cultural heritage through the power of technology.

Unleashing the power of augmented reality (AR), HONOR challenged two amazing visual artists Yunuen Esparza and Timo Helgert to reimagine an iconic landmark in Hamburg’s Speicherstadt, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, using augmented reality AR.

In the wake of the digital culture boom and having the ability to unlock immersive experiences through the Power of AI and AR, the artists were able to showcase how people can experience and immerse themselves in culture in a new way, giving users the option of experiencing the AR artworks on-site in Hamburg, or anywhere in the world.

Yunuene’s contribution to Gateway to the Future, entitled “Sailing Through Time” pays tribute to the evolution of the city’s port, showing how innovation in marine logistics transformed over time with her signature visual aesthetic.

While Timo Helgert’s experience “Blooming Future” took a more futuristic approach, playing on Hamburg’s status as one of the greenest cities of the world and creatively imagining what the Wasserschloss would look like in a green future where beautiful plants and endangered species can thrive, taking this historic landmark into an otherworldly realm.

We asked both Yunuene & Tim, what was the most exciting thing about working on this project with HONOR?

Smartphone technology is making it possible to celebrate cultural heritage in new immersive ways from all corners of the world. My design concept for HONOR’s Gateway to the Future project pays tribute to the evolution of the city’s port, showing how innovation in marine logistics transformed over time in my signature visual aesthetic. Once the concept was finalized, we tested the experience using the HONOR Magic 4 Pro’s incredible camera and it looked absolutely amazing on the phone’s screen! When my art is powered by technology, I can connect people across space and time, which is a wonderful feeling. Yunuen Esparza.

A graphic AR render created by Yunuene for HONOR
Sailing Through Time by Yunuene for HONOR

My work is heavily influenced by nature and being from Germany, I was very excited to create an AR experience that reflects Hamburg’s status as one of the greenest cities on the planet. We explored the most iconic sites in Hamburg and got inspired by the beautiful Wasserschloss. My mind immediately went to the concept of “Nature Castle” instead of “Water Castle”, using natural elements as a form of art to imagine a green future where beautiful plans and endangered species can thrive. Timo Helgert. 

A R graphic render created by Tim for HONOR
Blooming Future by Timo Helgert for HONOR

See the full interview with Yunuen Esparza & Timo Helgert.

Best of all, the AR Experiences are live now until the end of November 2022. The Gateway to the Future AR experience can be accessed through the dedicated HONOR page on the free-to-download ARLOOPA app. The on-site experience is anchored to the Wasserschloss building and can be viewed from the Poggenmühlen-Brücke, the bridge opposite the iconic landmark. Users who are not in Hamburg can select “experience on any surface” on the app and follow the on-screen instructions to virtually place the AR experience of their choosing on a flat surface nearby.

For more info, simply head on over to HONOR online at