Us girls love our friends, from giggles over cocktails to crying into a tub of ice cream, our friends are there for us, always know how to make us smile or offer a shoulder to cry on. But are these same friends often the very people who are keeping you single?

Think back to your first foray in love, probably you were in your late teens or early twenties and would drop everything for this person, who the sun shone for. You could be just about to open a bottle of Babycham with your bestie, he called and you were out of there. You were shopping on a Saturday afternoon with the girls, he would call and “see your lot later!”.

That relationship didn’t work out, neither the next one. Experience taught you dropping your friends for a new man is rude, weak and probably pointless. As your friendships became more and more consistent we begin valuing our friends opinions and feelings above common sense.

With that is mind here are 5 reasons your friends may be keeping you single

1. Surrogate Partner Friends.

you do everything together, they know you better than anyone else and no new partner can compete with your banter. This prevents you from actively dating and giving a solid commitment to finding love. Cut back on girlie time and ensure you actively give over time for dating. You’ll never have a date if you don’t get yourself in the game.

2. Judgmental Friends
We’re listening to our friends opinion of potential partners rather than our own instinct.
Have you ever met a guy who you thought was great but your friend raised an eye brow at his job or his dress sense or sense of humor? In our desire to impress our friends we agree with them and pass up the opportunity of a great boyfriend?

3.Sabotaging Friends
Does your friend ever negatively jump on anything your date does? Or ask leading questions to point out the things that would indicate he’s not treating you well? Is it possible that she doesn’t want to be left on the shelf and lose her partner in crime and is subconsciously sabotaging your relationships?

4. Bitter Friends

Are your circle of friends are all single and have a low opinion of men or have given up on the chance of finding true love, do the generally complain about everything and feel nothing is ever good enough? These feelings will start reflecting on you, we attract like minded people, if your friends are bitter and you seem the same by association there is no chance a good man with want to join this group.

5. Competitive Friends
Us women are a competitive bunch. Could there be a race to the finish line between you and your friends in who is going to find the best partner first? Do your friends constantly post pictures of gifts a suitor has bought them to Instagram or tweet about a fantastic, romantic trip, #spoilt #truelove? Are they causing you to expect your partner to match these extravagances? Remember what people post to their social networks is often a far stretch from the truth. The best relationships are the ones you probably see very little of in these public spheres, Does your mum post to her Facebook what dad got her for Valentines day? Probably not. Try to cut yourself off from constantly checking up on what everyone is up to and enjoy the moment you are living now.

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