I admit that I was a ‘late bloomer’ when it came to appreciating music made by UK artists. A fact, that I am quite embarrassed by even now. Yet, the more I attend events where musicians showcase their talent, it is more and more evident that there are even more UK artists that have the potential and even more importantly the talent to become international stars.

Last week I attended The Sunday Show at its new location The Slug and Lettuce and there were so many amazing artists performing. However, the one person that stuck in my mind was the rapper Artcha. He was a performer at last years Miss Flavour 2008 contest and he really entertained the crowd. Yet, it was only when he re-introduced himself to me at the Sunday Show and handed me his CD that I was really struck by how equally talented and humble he was.

Overall, I would describe my music taste as being predominantly RnB. However, I have always appreciated the lyrical content of Hip Hop artists. When I put on Artcha’s CD Therapy Sessions I was completely overwhelmed. It’s amazing! It’s not only the lyrics that are meaningful but it is also the massive beats. Every song has the potential to become a major club banger.

It’s not very often that you can put on a CD and let it play continuously, without once in a while wanting to press the forward button. Yet, I found myself playing certain songs on repeat. The only word that I can use to describe Therapy Sessions is phenomenal. When I first put the CD on I was in quite a vile mood. I was feeling extremely negative and nothing was making me feel better. Artcha’s CD fixed my mood at once and took my mind off all my worries.

My favourite tracks by far are: Can’t Give up, We do this, Flashback-(the tune is serious!) and Get By.

Artcha’s lyrics are powerful, he expresses views on every subject and touches upon not only love and life but on the sensitive issues of death and crime. I am really excited about Artcha and I will be eagerly awaiting further music and performances from this talented artist. He is immensely talented and it really is about time that we not only invest our hard earned cash into US artists, but also support home grown talent.

(Thanks for the CD Artcha, it is now a prized possession of me….and my car stereo J)

Artcha – NEW Mixtape out now on

Words by Miss Flavour 2008 Sasha Shantel Bennett