Fay Kendel

Deliberate, serene and encouraging, Fay Kendel presents her newest single, ‘Note 2 Self’.

Drawing on influences such as Mary J Blige and empowering lyrics to make Alicia Keys proud, this tantalising track makes for easy listening, with Kendel’s deep and expressive vocals. ‘Note 2 Self’ focuses on Kendel’s pride and self-love, carried by a strong and distinctive beat, which establishes the importance and strength of the track’s message – love yourself, and love unapologetically.

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From Sierra Lione, West Africa, and adopted by Danish parents at the age of 4 weeks, Kendel employs her story to convey a sense of growth and warmth to her listeners. All about empowerment and being strong, Kendel uses her music to pursue her dreams, and make her voice heard. When paired with her compelling lyrics, Fay Kendel’s vocals are unforgettable and glorious – and much like her character, invokes the strongest of emotions in her audience.