Ashley Mariee is a badass gamer, minecraft and youtube star and also one eighth of the Legends of Gaming.

We managed to bag an exclusive interview with Ashley Mariee, where she talks, Minecraft, youtube, beauty and girl gamers.

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Let’s talk about girls and gaming…

How did you feel when asked to be part of the Legends of Gaming?
I was definitely shocked and honoured when I was asked to be part of Legends of Gaming, out of all the female gamers in the UK they asked me to be apart of this massive project!

There’s massive insurgence of girl gamers, we think its great, do you find you are treated different as a girl gamer in caparison to the guys?
I think females are still treated kind of different compared to guys in the gaming industry, it’s a new thing to people that more girls are actually playing games and not hiding about it. In terms of how we are treated different I think it’s mainly the comments about our body and how that all girls are bad at playing games.

Hardest part about being a girl gamer?
The hardest part about being a girl gamer is people more or less assuming that we can’t be good at a game because of my gender.

Easiest part of being a girl gamer?
The easiest part about being a girl gamer is that people are actually surprised when you beat them in a game, another amazing thing about being a girl gamer is that you will have so much support from other female gamers around you.

If I was a 16 yrs old girl and wanted to start my own channel, give me 3 top tips to success.
The top 3 tips I would give someone is – Consistency with your videos, have fun & ignore the trolls!

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What has been your biggest challenge whilst doing YouTube?
The biggest challenge I have faced on youtube is comments from random people, when I started youtube when I was 16 I had just been through many years of bullying so the comments hit me bad especially when all of the comments were never true and it was mainly rumours – Fortunately I was able to pull through and realise that the people commenting were literally just people who could never say it to you in person and they were hiding behind a computer screen with false confidence and jealousy.

What are some of your favourite moments of doing YouTube?
Some of my favourite moments whilst doing youtube is definitely being able to make people smile and have a better day, going through the comments or tweets and just seeing that I was able to lighten a person day is just so humbling. Another favourite moment is actually having so many new opportunity’s and being able to try things I thought I would never be able to do when I was younger.

What is your favourite Minecraft series you’ve done?
My favourite Minecraft series I’ve ever done was Crazy Craft Season 1, was honestly the most fun I’ve ever had being able to mess around with my friends and being able to include my subscribers in my videos.

Best Minecraft tips for people new to Minecraft?
Best minecraft tips include – Make cake, don’t wander at night & stay away from the cuddly looking creeper.

What is your favourite Minecraft modpack?
My favourite modpack is the Crazy Craft modpack made by Atlantic Craft.

Do you have any hobbies outside of gaming?
Some of my hobbies outside of gaming include reading and going on adventures! I love being able to just chill and read & also go visit new sights and get out of the house!

Did you have any YouTube inspirations before you started your YouTube Channel?
My main youtube inspiration before I started youtube was a guy named SlyFoxHound, I used to watch his videos as much as possible & he basically inspired me to play Minecraft!

How does it feel knowing that over 500,00 people, support your videos?
It’s crazy that over 500k people are actually subscribed to me, when I was younger I would have never even considered myself as an icon to people! It’s so humbling knowing that people actually enjoy me as a person!

Will you be going to any upcoming gaming events?
Yes! I have Legends of Gaming coming up, Insomnia 55 & potentially Eurogamer!

Let’s talk a bout fashion and beauty

We love your purple hair and your funky style. What’s your favourite store to buy clothes
Purple is definitely my trademark! My favourite store to buy clothes is Forever 21 or Boohoo!

Give us your favourite beauty tip?
My best beauty tip to give people is that with eyeliner you have to be so careful & take time with the line! Also, if you have coloured hair use deep conditioning once a month, it helps lock in the colour and also helps your hair keep healthy!

Name 3 woman that inspire you in terms of style?
Batalash Beauty, Shaaanxo & my cousin who is a makeup artist!

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