Sydney Alternative Soul duo MMG (Mitch and Mike Gordon) have released a seductive track dubbed ‘Fling.’  

The single is about a couple in a long distance relationship, written from the males perspective.

This comes across in their unique concoction of Pop driven R&B with a sprinkle of Future Soul.

It talks about the frustration of the distance and being so far away from someone and how that can lead to pushing each other into the arms of someone else.

“The idea was to write the verses about how your imagination can take the single thought of “What is she doing right now?” and run completely wild with it,” said Mitch Gordon.

“So we tried to make the tune sound dark and seductive, taking some influence from D’angelo,”

“We’ve both experienced the struggles of a long distance relationship and channeling those emotions into a song was a very therapeutic way of dealing with it,” Mitch added.

MMG make a sound that only twins could. Through years of playing together, the brothers have developed an ability to read each other freely.


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