The Smoke Trees are a no-frills rap group reminiscent of the Boom Bap/Golden Era of hip-hop and they have just released a new track dubbed ‘Security!’

The group is an interesting bunch, together they combine very different styles with different backgrounds. The members consist of Nick Knowledge from Germany, Double KO from Paris, Sonny Syah who’s Indonesian born and DJ Dewis from New Zealand.

Together they are all Sydney locals making good music look easy. With their songs coming together naturally and organically without meticulous planning or overthinking.

They like being cool without trying hard.

The lyrics are day to day musings about city life, girls, struggling for dollars, music and wearing the coolest sneakers. Naturally high brow stuff.

Soaked in complex musical flows and wordplay Smoke Treez are also released a free mixtape. 


Instagram username: the_smoke_trees

Twitter: smoketreesgrow


The Smoke Trees



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