Dex is an 16-year-old Aussie rapper that reigns from Melbourne Australia, and he’s just dropped a track dubbed “Fly,” which will be featured in his upcoming mixtape “Something to Say.”

Dex’s music has influences of artists’ such as Bliss & Eso and Hilltop Hoods, but what makes him different is that he is a MC that truly raps from his heart. His lyrics runs deep and addresses key issues that everybody goes through on the daily. His rhymes are flawless and his production is on point.

The mixtape will have 16 tracks, and is about being positive and overcoming whatever life throws at you. The main focus is to encourage his audience to learn from their mistakes and to be the best they can every day.

“It’s very personal, which has always been my style of writing, so each song tells a different story.” says Dex.

‘Something to Say’ mixtape will be released on 10th April 2015.