At a time when the fashion world is mostly swept by mass produced brands, traditional and authentic brands showcasing the legacy and heritage of master craftsmen are really rare.

But still, there is a handful of brands that maintain such authenticity in their look, feel, material and making. British leather fashion brands like Barbour and UGG are great examples. Both offer a haughty, articulate and artistic approach to their leather products and both have a huge fan following and loyal users all over the world. Are you a lover of authentic leather craft wear that almost became a tradition for centuries? Well, these two brands are just perfect choices for you.

The quintessential charms of British Leather

From the rest of the world the typical English approach to fashion, particularly in England differs a lot. Knowing about the manufacturing process, the craftsmanship and the origins of the product are always important customers here looking for authentic fashion wear and accessories? This has been particularly important ever since faulty, under-graded products continued to sweep markets. In keeping pace with these demands you have an array of authentic fashion brands that stand apart from the rest in both quality and manufacturing process.

The reliance of consumers on local products apart, there are other aspects that contributed to the increasing popularity of British fashion products. First of all, most of the heritage brands that are now having their own production facilities in the country are there for more than hundred years and they already made themselves household brand names for fashion conscious audience. Apart from the high quality and great materials what makes British fashion products differ from others is the great tradition of craftsmanship that is existing for centuries and made their signature marks present in great many products.

Authentic leather wear and accessories have been a British legacy for long. Leather goods produced in Britain maintain a long legacy of exquisite quality, craftsmanship and heritage. There have been several elegant brands that for years have maintained great reputation in producing finest quality leather wear and accessories. British tanneries and leather makers are known for the exquisite shine and texture they produce in leather products.

UGG leather boots and accessories

UGG upholds all the quintessential attributes of British styled leather goods with long-lasting comfort and elegant style statement. Besides producing most sought after waterproof leather boots and uppers with unique textile feel, the brand produces a whole array of accessories including leather wallets, gloves, leather shorts, etc. Excellent quality standard and hallmark style statement make the brand so unique. UGG also produces a whole range of fashion accessories made of other materials like fashionable scarf’s, kids clothing and toys, etc. The brand has particularly a fan following among the fairer sex of haughty fashionable mindset. Here are the key aspects that the brand is known for.

  • All fashionable leather wears for men, women and kids.


  • UGG is known worldwide for its premium collection of leather boots and footwear for women for all occasions and moods.


Barbour leather jackets and luggage

Champions the true spirit of authentic local British craftsmanship in leather wear and accessories for men of substance and ambition. Barbour produces most sophisticated leather jackets with exceptional shine and distinct style elements. Barbour having established a heritage of leather craft for more than a century is one of the frontline leather brands of UK. Besides producing highly fashionable leather jackets for men, the brand is also well known for its standout quality leather briefcases and luggage’s for professional use and distinct fashion statement. Here below we are going to mention the key aspects that that make this brand so special.


  • Barbour is well known as the most fashionable and authentic leather jacket manufacturer brand.
  • Functionally superb and stylish leather suitcases and luggage produced by Barbour are considered vintage British produce.